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iPhone 3G S

Owners of pre-A5 devices can now jailbreak iOS 6.0.1

iOS is beloved by millions of customers, but some of them find Apple's walled garden to be constricting. For them, there is jailbreaking. Though there is typically a gap between the releases of iOS software and their corresponding jailbreaks, iOS 6.0.1 was jailbroken in rapid-fire fashion, and we have the full instructions.  Read More

Apple’s new iPhone 3G S – 2x faster, 32GB, 3MP camera and video

Apple finally delivered the new iPhone 3G S today, with more power, speed, battery life, and a 32GB flagship model. Major features include a 3mp camera, video recording and hands free voice control. There’s also the iPhone OS 3.0 operating system with 100+ new features including cut and paste, MMS, “Spotlight Search”, and a landscape keyboard. The entry level price for the existing 8 GB 3G model dropped to USD$99, with the 3G S 16GB model coming in at $200 and the 32GB model at $300 .  Read More

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