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iPad Accessories

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HandStand case puts iPad in the palm of your hand

Apple's iPad tablet has become an extension of the arm for many people. Despite being designed for portability – and the iPad 2 being 15 percent lighter than the first iPad – using either version of the device for any longer than a few minutes without some kind of support can lead to arm and hand strain. Hub International's HandStand case makes things much more comfortable by letting you attach an iPad to your hand like a catcher's mitt. Read More
— Mobile Technology

5-in-1 Connection Kit for iPad

iPad accessories are once again a hot topic following the release of the iPad 2. Apps and covers are usually the highest priority accessories, but the iPad's lack of ports means if you want to connect it to anything other than the included dock connector then you'll need an add-on solution. The 5-in-1 Connection Kit for iPad ups the connectivity capabilities of the iPad by providing the convenience of – you guessed it – five ports in a single dongle. Read More
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Vogel’s RingO Universal iPad mounting system

Although iPads are designed to be carried around, that doesn’t mean you necessarily want to be literally carrying the iPad all the time – even when you’re using it. Hence the huge variety of iPad mounts on the market. While most of the mounting solutions on offer generally aim for one or maybe two specific uses, such as in the car, on the fridge or in the studio, Vogel’s RingO Universal Mounting System is designed to let users mount their iPad just about anywhere. Read More
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AcuTouch 9500 could be world’s most expensive iDevice peripheral

Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod touch aren’t exactly devices that lack in the peripheral department, but this is perhaps the biggest and most expensive. On show at CES 2011, the AcuTouch 9500 massage chair from Human Touch works in conjunction with the HT-Connect app to deliver a completely personalized massage via instructions sent over Bluetooth from iOS devices. Read More
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Joby does it again with clever and gorgeous iPad cover/stand

Although Joby has found yet another use for its bendy support technology with the Yogi iPad stand, our eyes were drawn to the company's other release at this year's CES. If you're a fan of origami then you are simply going to love the seriously clever Ori, and even if you just don't get the fine art of paper folding we still think you'll be impressed. As well as spending some of its life as a protective cover, this smart-looking metallic stand can also transform into different structures to provide a variety of viewing possibilities. Read More
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GEAR4 UnityRemote turns iOS devices into universal remotes

UK-based GEAR4, a company better known for its iPod and iPhone audio docks, today announced the U.S. availability of its UnityRemote that turns an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a universal remote control. To get around the fact these Apple devices don’t pack an infrared transmitter, the GEAR4 setup consists of an app available for free from the iTunes Store and a small cylindrical device that receives a Bluetooth signal from an iOS device and then sends an infrared command to control the various components of your home entertainment setup. Read More
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See what you're drawing with the oStylus touchscreen stylus

If you've ever tried to create a work of digital art on an iPad then you may have suffered the frustration of not being able to see exactly what's going on directly beneath your finger. Even a stylus can't offer an ideal view of the exact edge of those thin outlines. Looking somewhat like it should be in the hands of a dentist, the oStylus solves this by giving tablet artists a porthole to the screen beneath. There's no need for cables or driver software, the capacitive screen for which this device was designed simply registers the flat disc at the end as though it was a human digit. Read More
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Hand-E-Holder is a handy way to keep hold of an iPad

Tablet computers like Apple’s iPad and RIM's PlayBook might be great in the portability stakes but their handy form factor also means it’s all too easy for them to slip from your fingers and make a beeline for the floor. If you’re lucky the floor is some particularly plush carpet, if not it could be some concrete and your much beloved device ends up sustaining some debilitating injury. A Michigan-based company has come up with a simple piece of kit called the Hand-e-holder that makes it easier to securely hang onto your tablet to avoid such catastrophe. Read More
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Jorno folding Bluetooth keyboard – ideal for iPhone and iPad

To maximize portability, mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad eschew the traditional keyboard for on-screen versions. While on-screen keyboards may be tolerable for typing the odd text message or entering a few words into a search engine, their shortcomings quickly become obvious. With mobile devices now packing processors powerful enough to handle word processing and other more intensive tasks there is a market for physical keyboards to turn an iPad or even a smartphone into an ultraportable computer. One of the better solutions we’ve seen to fit this bill is the newly announced Jorno Bluetooth keyboard from Cervantes Mobile. Read More
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iPad rides shotgun thanks to car mount from Thanko

Released this week, Thanko's Car Laptop Holder for iPad is a twist on the company's Car Laptop Holder from a few years back. We have to admit that the method of attachment is not the most elegant, but if you're a driver who needs an iPad in the cab then this might be for you. Just make sure you don't have the WiFi iPad, otherwise you'll probably be hanging out in the garage or parking next to Starbucks all the time. Read More