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Product Evaluation: Maltron Keyboard

May 29, 2005 Gizmag reader Joe Blake reports on his experiences with the Maltron Keyboard. Joe has been a court reporter since 1990, producing 10,000+ words a day, which he calculates to more than 200 million keystrokes over the last ten years. When he switched from touch-typing on a QWERTY keyboard to the Maltron keyboard, his productivity improved immensely. He can now “transcribe a single person speaking in real time, all day, every day, with no problems.”  Read More

What do you call a keyboard with no markings? A good idea!

May 27, 2005 The human mind has an incredible ability to adapt – and that’s the big idea behind the Das Keyboard and its complete lack of key markings. Since there are no keys to look at when typing, the theory is that your brain will quickly adapt and memorize the key positions and you will find yourself typing a lot faster with more accuracy in no time. Given that the world is full of hunt-and-peck typists, this would seem to be an idea with plenty of potential as the keyboard remains the predominant input device for the ever-increasing number of computers. The Das Keyboard inventors also claim “it is amazing how slow typers almost double their speed and quick typers become blazing fast!” And what a statement about yourself for all to see. You’ll be the talk of the town. “XXXX has no markings on their keyboard, how cool is that?”  Read More

Keyscan keyboard with integrated scanner and USB2.0 hub - very cool!!

Gizmag likes productivity tools, and though this is just a keyboard, it's not just any keyboard. It contains a scanner and a USB2 hub - and we think that warrants attention from all us cyberserfs who spend the majority of our working hours slaving over a hot keyboard. The KeyScan KS810 will be officially announced on CeBIT 05 followed by immediate sales. Recommended end user price is EU149 EUR.  Read More

CES 2006:  business-card sized, Bluetooth-enabled mouse that stores and recharges inside y...

January 4, 2005 The MoGo is designed for road warriors who don’t like bulky, full-sized, mice, but also hate laptop trackpads and trackpoints. Now we all know that a mouse is a very personal thing, so this may not be a solution for everyone, but it’s a very good idea and one which is worthy of every road warrior’s attention. The mouse which fits snugly in your palm when you’re using a desktop often takes on quite different proportions and becomes a pain in the butt when you’re on the road, never seeming to fit nicely in your bag, and constantly getting tangled. So having a PCMCIA-card sized mouse that stores and recharges neatly inside your laptop computer’s PC card slot when it’s not being used is very useful on the road. For us, the Bluetooth-enabled functionality is a clincher. Whatsmore, the MoGo Mouse recharges in less than an hour so there are no batteries to be replaced.  Read More

Logitech V5 cordless notebook mouse

November 28, 2004 Logitech has released an innovative, ultra-thin mouse for notebook computers. Incorporating an expandable chassis, 2.4 GHz wireless technology and a touch-sensitive, solid state scrolling panel in place of the scrolling-wheel, the V5 cordless mouse is designed as a practical, usable tool for the mobile professional and fast-growing notebook market.  Read More

orbiTouch sliding keyboard offers keyless typing

November 15, 2004 The orbiTouch sliding keyboard from Keybowl uses a pair of ergonomically sculpted domes to "type" characters with the same precision as pressing a key. This keyless typing opens up the world of computing and information access to people with repetitive stress injuries and limited hand use and challenges the dominance of the QWERTY keyboard design, a relic from the typewriter era of over a century ago.  Read More

VisiKey keyboard enhances keystroke visibility

November 8, 2004 The days of struggling to see small keyboard letters are over thanks to the VisiKey keyboard with it's Enhanced Visibility Lettering System, which offers keynotes 430% larger than that of a standard keyboard. These innovative keyboards, which come in wired and wireless versions, have a simple idea driving them - larger lettering + high contrast = increased visibility and more comfortable use. VisiKeys Enhanced Visibility Keyboard also fill the gap for the estimated 50% of computer users that are not touch typists.  Read More

Memory-Mouse with 32 MB

Tuesday August 12, 2003: There's a growing array of options these days when it comes to portable data storage - PDAs, MP3 players, thumb-drives, wristwatches and now even the humble mouse can perform this valuable service. Capable of storing files of up to 32MB, the Memory Mouse enables users to transfer data onto PC or Mac...  Read More

Portable Bluetooth One Handed Keyboard from iFrog

Data entry innovator FrogPad has announced the global release of iFrog, a portable one-handed keyboard with Bluetooth connectivity, and is sure to grab a share of the global market searching for efficient means of using their mobile devices on the fly.  Read More

New SureType keyboard

A new SureType keyboard layout from Research In Motion (RIM) is drawing praise for its effectiveness and appears to have hit a usability sweet spot for mobile devices in the candy bar form factor. SureType is a viable contender to become the next generation interface for the mobile phone sized device. The SureType keyboard design incorporates a QWERTY keyboard layout and a prominent numerical phone keypad and allows easy one-handed phone dialing. Through an integrated keyboard and software system, SureType provides users with an instinctively familiar look and feel and allows them to dial phone numbers and type messages quickly, accurately and comfortably.  Read More

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