Inline skates


Nordic skiing on the street with Skike bike-skates

When we first saw the term "Skike," we immediately thought "skate bike" (i.e. a scooter-like contraption combining bike components with skating action). We were probably thinking of the similarly named Trikke and its brother the Skki. The Skike does combine biking and skating, but it's a different kind of skating and a different kind of skate-bike. Essentially a roller skate with biking influences, the Skike is a tool for asphalt cross country skiing. Read More


Reduce your Carbon skateprint: K2 Eco inline skates

Undoubtedly a pretty environment-friendly way to travel, donning a pair of skates still leaves you with a bit of an eco-headache. With all that plastic and metal wrapped around your ankles, the skates themselves are a bit of an environmental let down - until now. Inline skate innovators at K2 skates have recently added another industry first to the company's catalogue of cutting edge developments. Not only are the boots and laces made from recycled plastic bottles but the wheel frame is made from one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, bamboo.Read More

Urban Transport

LandRollers take skaters to new places and surfaces

April 18, 2006 Yet another variation on the skating theme has come to light. With the first production run still warm, LandRollers are one of many new innovations in the field of human-powered urban transport we have seen over recent years. The significant benefit of the design is its ability to take skaters to places - and surfaces - never before imaginable. Based on the fundamental premise that the greater the size of a wheel, the less prone it is to deflection and the larger the objects it will roll over, LandRoller are an unlikely looking variation on the in-line skating model that uses two oversized wheels on each skate that are angled inward. The resulting wheel configuration improves stability, manoeuvrability, safety, ride smoothness and braking. Read More


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