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Wealthy cinephiles can now have their own IMAX Private Theater built in their home

If you really wanted to impress people with your home theater, what would you do? Perhaps model it after the Bat Cave, or show movies that were still in the cinemas? Well, now there’s another choice. If you’ve got the cash, you could build your own IMAX Private Theater.  Read More

TOOB Earth hopes to bring the IMAX experience into the family (image: TOOB)

The creators of the original TOOB (Think Out Of Box) have spent the last two years researching and developing what they call the “world's first affordable dome screen.” Dubbed "TOOB Earth," the 4 foot diameter mini-IMAX screen is big enough for two people to sit in front of and, while it will obviously grab the attention of gamers and film-fanatics, its makers also see applications for the screen in simulation, medicine and education.  Read More

Jake Scully (Sam Worthington) with his organically-grown alien avatar body.

Gizmag is hardly a movie review site, but when a film comes along that advances the art form in such a revolutionary way as James Cameron's Avatar, it becomes entirely relevant to fans of emerging technology. I saw it last night in IMAX 3D - and despite ten years' worth of building expectations and a frenzied hype campaign in recent months, I was still unprepared for the enormity of the technical and artistic achievement this film represents. If you haven't seen it yet, read on, we've kept spoilers to a minimum.  Read More

The TOOB dome screen is great for movie-lovers or gaming enthusiasts and delivers a mini I...

Alexander McDonnell, founder of TOOB (Think Out Of Box) confesses to a fascination with the Mugar Omni Theater in his hometown, Boston – so he decided to build a mini-version for himself. The result is much smaller plastic half-dome screen that’s big enough for a couple of people to sit in front of to watch a movie or enjoy a video game.  Read More

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