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IFA 2012

— Mobile Technology

Samsung announces Galaxy Note II, hits shelves in October

By - August 29, 2012 17 Pictures
Taking the stage at IFA 2012, South Korean technology giant Samsung has announced the successor to its stylus-equipped, supersized Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Note II. Due for release this October, Samsung is billing the Galaxy Note II as the “most powerful smartphone in the marketplace.” Besides upgraded specs, the substantial “phablet” as Samsung is now categorizing it, features a new and improved S Pen stylus, reduced bezel and slightly larger screen size - up from 5.3 to 5.5 inches. Read More
— Around The Home

Siemens previews House of Innovations connected household at IFA 2012

By - August 29, 2012 18 Pictures
What would a trade show be without a “The (BLANK) of Tomorrow” display? They’re always a good way of showing off what a company is working on, in a simulated real-world setting. One such exhibit at IFA 2012 will be Siemens’ House of Innovations. The 70 square-meter (753.5 sq-ft) display illustrates how technologies such as augmented reality and internet connectivity may soon start transforming our households. Read More
— Around The Home

Bosch VeroBar AromaPro detects beans for best aroma

By - August 29, 2012 4 Pictures
It’s a no-brainer to say that we all like the foods and drinks we consume to smell appetizing. In the case of coffee, however, its scent is pretty much as important as its flavor. This is a fact that is obviously recognized by the engineers at Bosch. The company’s new VeroBar AromaPro coffee maker – which will be unveiled at the upcoming IFA 2012 electronics show – adjusts automatically to the type of bean used, in order to optimize the coffee's aroma. Read More

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