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Top 10 pet-safe vehicles

By - August 20, 2009 3 Pictures
Ever thought how dangerous an unrestrained pet is in a moving vehicle? Did you know that a 35lb dog can become a 2700lb projectile in a 35mph crash? It’s alarming to think of the damage that poor animal could do to itself and other passengers within the vehicle. As increasing numbers of pet-owners take to the roads with animals in tow, safe pet travel advisers Bark Buckle Up and web-based automotive information company, Edmunds, have joined forces to release their Top Ten Pet Safe Vehicles in the hopes that their advice may avert some tragedies. Read More
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Hyundai launches world’s first LPG-electric hybrid

By - July 12, 2009 3 Pictures
Hyundai has entered the burgeoning hybrid market with a world first – an LPG-electric hybrid vehicle. The Elantra LPI Hybrid combines a four cylinder 1.6 LPI “Gamma” engine and 15kW electric motor to deliver fuel economy of 42mpg and CO2 emissions of just 99grams/km. Hyundai believes the combination of hybrid power and low-cost fuel will enable the Elantra LPI to pay its way faster than any other hybrid on the market. Read More
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First pics of Hyundai's BLUE-WILL concept

By - March 25, 2009 3 Pictures
Like all of the major international auto shows in recent times, Seoul 2009 looks set to be a showcase for low-emissions, eco-motoring technologies. Among them is Hyundai's new BLUE-WILL plug-in hybrid concept which features a 1.6-liter gasoline engine combined with a 100kw electric motor powered by Lithium-Ion batteries. The car's raised hatchback body design incorporates eco-friendly plastics along with integrated dye-sensitized solar panels in the roof to increase battery range. Read More
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Hyundai LPG hybrid production car

By - July 8, 2008 1 Picture
July 8, 2008 Hyundai’s world first Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) hybrid will go on sale in Korea twelve months from now with operating costs poised to be lowest of any hybrid currently available, despite being largely based on the existing Elantra model. It will also be the first to use Lithium-Polymer batteries to power its electric motor. The novel internal combustion powerplant is a Liquefied Petroleum Injected (LPI) 1.6 litre four cylinder assisted by a 15kW electric motor driving through a continuously variable transmission. Read More
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i-Blue – Hyundai’s third generation Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

By - September 4, 2007 7 Pictures
September 5, 2007 The Frankfurt Motor Show is the premier European show of the year this year and not surprisingly, the manufacturers are all putting their best environmental foot forward. For relatively new international auto companies such as Hyundai which don’t have a history of premium design to fall back on, they have to work much harder to make waves in an international showcase and from the photos at least, this work appears to have paid off. Three new cars will be unveiled by Hyundai at Frankfurt, and the two concept cars are beauties. Read More
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Hyundai and GE Plastics develop the QarmaQ Advanced Technology Vehicle

By - March 6, 2007 8 Pictures
March 7, 2007 At the Geneva International Motor Show yesterday, Hyundai and GE Plastics presented the QarmaQ, Advanced Technology Demonstration Vehicle (ATDV) that showcases over 30 different environmentally progressive technologies led by the innovative “Elastic Front”, an innovative solution that can help reduce the risk of severe injuries in Crossover Utility Vehicles (CUV) pedestrian collisions. Designed at Hyundai Motor Europe's Design and Technical Center in Russelsheim and engineered in close cooperation with GE Plastics, QarmaQ develops and validates over 30 key technologies, which will be selectively incorporated into Hyundai’s new models to be rolled out from 2008-2014. Read More
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Tough Compact HCD10 Hyundai Hellion Concept

By - November 30, 2006 3 Pictures
December 1, 2006 The Hyundai Design and Technical Center and Hyundai Motor America presented the world debut of the HCD10 Hyundai Hellion concept during a press conference at the Los Angeles Auto Show today. Hellion is a compact three-door sport crossover designed with attitude and independence creating its unmistakable character. Hellion’s architecture was inspired by a tough, hardshell backpack that uses ribs to provide structural and visual strength. To support this, Hyundai used three ultra-lightweight structural ribs to create Hellion’s safety cage. These ribs connect to a suspended surfboard-shaped spine. Hellion’s ribcage not only provides protection for its occupants, but also adds visual rigidity and shape. By stretching the sheet metal skin away from the common body surface, the ribs give Hellion a new kind of organic ruggedness. Read More
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Hyundai C-Segment Arnejs concept

By - September 14, 2006 6 Pictures
September 15, 2006 Hyundai has released the first pictures of its stunning Arnejs concept; the best clue yet as to what the company’s all new C-segment car will look like when it arrives next year. The Arnejs, pronounced Ar-nez, will be formally unveiled the Paris Motor Show, on 28 September 2006. Designed at Hyundai’s European Research and Design centre in Russelsheim, Germany, the Arnejs builds on design elements first seen in the Genus concept at Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. And it marks a further significant milestone in Hyundai’s development of a stronger brand identity. Read More
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Hyundai Entourage Makes World Debut At Chicago Auto Show

By - February 8, 2006 10 Pictures
February 9, 2006 The new 2007 Hyundai Entourage minivan made its world debut yesterday at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show. Entourage is the first vehicle with the Hyundai Hideaway third-row seat, a simple-to-use 60/40 split fold-into-the floor seat offering flexibility for up to seven passengers. Hyundai packed the all-new Entourage with a range of safety technologies, including Electronic Stability Control (ESC), anti-whiplash active front head restraints and six airbags including side air curtains, which help protect occupants in all three rows during side impacts. Read More
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Hyundai Genus and Accent SR Turbo concepts

By - February 8, 2006 16 Pictures
February 9, 2006 They’ve obviously been burning the midnight oil at Hyundai’s European design centre in Russelsheim, Germany, with the studio creating two new concept cars for debut at major international auto shows in the next few weeks. The centrepiece of Hyundai’s presentation at the Geneva Motor Show next month will be the Genus concept vehicle, a premium crossover model that combines the sporting dynamism of a coupe with the versatility of an estate car. Also from Russelsheim comes the phat and fast Accent SR Turbo, looking every inch a design study of the next Hyundai World Rally Car, mooted to debut mid 2007 for a tilt at the 2008 season. Accent SR will headline Hyundai’s display at the Melbourne International Motor Show this week. The Accent SR Turbo is based on the three-door hatch variant of the coming new generation MC Accent range, and has the purposeful look of a high performance small car with wide tracks front and rear, big flares framing outsize alloys, lowered sports suspension, body kit and big tailpipes. Read More
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