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SpaceX to build Hyperloop test track, host pod-building competition

By - June 15, 2015 6 Pictures

In 2013, Elon Musk released a white paper outlining his Hyperloop concept, a new form of high speed mass transit that he apparently cooked up in his spare time away from running SpaceX and Tesla Motors. A handful of startups have sprung up to pursue building their own Hyperloop and now SpaceX says it will spur the efforts along by building a 1-mile long test track and hosting a competition for university and independent teams to build their own Hyperloop transport pod prototypes.

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Elon Musk’s Hyperloop takes a step closer to reality

By - February 12, 2015 11 Pictures
It seemed like a pipe dream when floated in 2013 by Tesla and SpaceX founder/CEO Elon Musk, but the Hyperloop concept is making tangible progress, though it is still a long way off taking passengers. A startup company called Hyperloop Technologies has been established, with US$8.5 million raised and another $80 million in funds projected for later this year. Meanwhile, another startup called Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), formed in 2013, has crowdfunded and crowdsourced its way to a team of 170 mostly part-time engineers and designers. Read More
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Concept cars that could change transportation as we know it

By - December 23, 2013 46 Pictures
The average concept car experiments with styling, technology and packaging to explore potential new ideas. Some concept cars take it a few steps further, not just rethinking the car but redefining what a car is and exploring ideas that could completely revolutionize the way we get from point A to point B. From vehicles that drive themselves, to cars that fly and fold, some of 2013's most interesting concept cars provided a lens into a very different future. Read More
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Development company for Hyperloop emerges from stealth mode

By - November 1, 2013 7 Pictures
Well, Elon Musk can relax now. Having previously announced his intention to at least build a Hyperloop demonstrator, he now appears relieved to leave that task to HTT (Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc). HTT is an engineering startup company operating under the wing of California-based JumpStartFund. It has developed basic organization and operational plans, as well as having established key partnerships to help navigate a path to a working Hyperloop. Read More
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A terminal fit for a Hyperloop?

By - September 12, 2013 13 Pictures
If Elon Musk's Hyperloop is to come to fruition, it's going to need passenger terminals. But where Musk's design proposes terminals with turntables to rotate transport capsules, industrial designer Serge Roux has come up with an alternative, and one which lives up to the Hyperloop brand. Roux's idea is much like a gondola cable car system, involving an endless loop (you see) to and from which passengers embark and disembark at either end. Roux maintains that this idea saves time, space, and has fewer parts to go wrong. Read More
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Elon Musk gives us the goods on Hyperloop

By - August 12, 2013 8 Pictures
He may be the man behind PayPal, Tesla Motors and SpaceX, but Elon Musk has been garnering more attention lately for his proposed Hyperloop transit system. Although virtually no details had previously been announced, Musk has stated that it would serve as a much faster, more efficient alternative to traditional passenger rail transport – more specifically, it would allow passengers to travel the 350 miles (563 km) from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just 30 minutes. Well, this afternoon (as promised) he finally let everyone in on just what it would be, and how it would work. Read More

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