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Wild thing – the Hummer GT

By - October 17, 2006 8 Pictures
October 18, 2006 The HUMMER GT from is certainly an eyecatcher, whether it’s at a standstill with its gullwing doors ajar, rolling at walking pace on its giant 30-inch seven league boots or exercising its 556 bhp supercharged engine hurtling the GT along the nearest autobahn at 225 km/h. The cockpit of the car is like the pilot’s console in the low flying aircraft it so very nearly is. There’s everything from color-coded instruments and a multimedia system including a navigation system, DVD player, TV receiver and two LCD-screens which are integrated in the dashboard and a specially designed roof console. It’s the high tech hamburger with THE LOT – for you, EUR133,900 (US$168,000). Read More
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Hummer World Run 2006 near Munich

By - September 20, 2006 10 Pictures
September 21, 2006 Hummer fans situated in the United States are well positioned to get their fill but beyond American borders, Hummers are few and far between unless you’re near a military base. Accordingly, if you’re European-based and keen to see the latest on offer in the radical customisation the beasties attract, the HUMMER WORLD RUN 2006 in Zorneding near Munich, is the place to be on October 7 and 8. The world’s first international meet for owners of the American SUV is being staged and promoted by Geiger Cars, Europe’s largest HUMMER dealer and perpetrator of some of the most stunning show and go cars on the planet. Numerous other attractions await visitors such as free test drives with various HUMMER models and rides in the 10-meter long HUMMER H2 stretch limo pictured. There’s also a competition with a Hummer for a year as the first prize. Read More
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First Responder special from Hummer

By - September 16, 2006 3 Pictures
September 17, 2006 Hummer’s latest marketing initiative is a stroke of genius in our opinion. The company has developed a First Responder package for its midsize H3 which will be available FREE until the end of this year for any active member of the fire and rescue community – volunteer or career firefighter or emergency response personnel associated with a fire association – who purchases or leases a new HUMMER H3. The HUMMER First Responder package includes the purchaser’s choice of either an emergency signal package from Whelen Engineering or Federal Signal valued at up to US$2,500, or a black wraparound brushguard and lower grille-mounted off-road lights. The HUMMER H3 First Responder debuted this week at the Fire-Rescue International 2006 show. Read More
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The World’s Fastest Police HUMMER

By - July 11, 2006 5 Pictures
July 12, 2006 Born from a military vehicle and the most prominent symbol of America's global military dominance, the HUMMER does not require more testosterone, but hey, boys will be boys. German automotive performance house Geiger specialises in American cars and outrageous one-offs, and is hence accustomed to unusual customer requests. So the request from a Texas sheriff to turn his personal emergency vehicle into the world’s fastest police HUMMER represented a special challenge and one which was approached with pride. The resultant vehicle is now bound for the U.S.A and sports a supercharged 7.0-liter engine with 700 hp (515 kW). As if that’s not enough, the black and white HUMMER H2 has a brutal torque output which peaks at 904 Nm at 4,260 rpm and surely slingshots the beastie to its electronically-limited top speed of 250 km/h. That should be fast enough for the sheriff to catch just about any speedster ... though we suspect few people would wish to have this sheriff on their case. Read More
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The Hummer Ruggedised LapTop - testosterone enhancement for geeks

By - August 31, 2005 5 Pictures
September 1, 2005 The Hummer brand is one of the most potent on the planet. Burned deep into the global psyche by the televised wars of Eastern Europe, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq, the Hummer is instantly recognisable and indistinguishable from America’s military dominance. As a brand, it carries with it all the brand values of the battlefield and the most technologically dominant fighting force since the Romans – reliability and ruggedness, with a liberal splashing of distilled testosterone and topped off with “essence of Arnie” thanks to the screen tough guy’s sponsorship of the brand. Hummer’s Fragrance for Men was one thing, but this time the brand extension has much more relevance. – the Hummer Ruggedised Computer. We’ve recently written about the Panasonic Toughbook’s role in an Everest ascent, and as more people take computers into hostile environments, ruggedised computers will become a robust and established market segment with Panasonic’s Toughbook and ruggedised computer specialist Itronix the lead players. Based on the GoBook VR-1 semi-rugged computer that will be released by Itronix later this month, the Hummer-branded VR-1 will be a "semi-rugged" notebook computer designed to be much tougher than the average laptop and capable of withstanding temperature extremes and hard knocks. Read More
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18 seat Hummer Stretch Limousine

By - February 2, 2005 5 Pictures
February 3, 2005 Hummers are a rare species outside of the United States apart from, of course, in Iraq or Afghanistan. One of the defacto symbols of America's military dominance, the brand has a presence and values just like its best-known ambassador, Arnold Schwarzenneger - high-ticket, high-testosterone and a superstructure so muscular it really is bulletproof (the car, not Arnie). Naturally, the Hummer soon became a target for limousine manufacturers and stretched Hummers are not exactly rare in the United States these days - but there are few as long or spectacular as this one. Read More
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H2H: The Hydrogen-Powered HUMMER

By - October 28, 2004 3 Pictures
October 29, 2004 General Motors has adapted a HUMMER H2 SUT to run on hydrogen, and will share it with the office of the Governor of California (aka Arnold Schwarzenegger). The HUMMER H2H will assist efforts to learn more about hydrogen storage and refueling infrastructure development. "The H2H is a bold experiment that along with the Hydrogen Highway Network will help California demonstrate the economic and technical viability of hydrogen," said California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. "Californians invent the future and the H2H shows that a vehicle of today can run on the fuel of tomorrow." Read More
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Hummer H2 Vision

By - June 4, 2004 6 Pictures
Arnie Schwarzenegger has two and the American military has thousands, giving the "HUMVEE" multi-purpose vehicle enormous status as the chosen car of America's favourite action hero and its very public roles in Kuwait and Afghanistan. Now that General Motors owns the Hummer brand, you can expect to buy one with the rough edges honed as they create a new chapter for the legend. The Hummer H2 vehicle shown in Detroit is a design exercise that provided a look at what the future of the HUMMER sport/utility vehicle could be. Given General Motor's marketing and the tradition of toughness ... who knows? Read More
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The smell of testosterone: Hummer Fragrance for Men

By - January 20, 2004
Brand association is apparently an incredibly potent technology. Why else would we have Tonka teaming up with Ford, Razor with Chrysler, and now Hummer releasing its own brand of cologne. The rugged, high testosterone, military-strength Hummer brand has licensed its name to a new fragrance that will be available in the US for Christmas 2004. Read More