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Oshkosh L-ATV put forward as Humvee replacement

By - September 15, 2011 6 Pictures
Much as Hummer-owners may like to speak of their vehicles' military pedigree, the fact is that the U.S. Army now wants to replace its Humvees with vehicles that are better suited for use in war zones, particularly when it comes to protecting occupants. One potential Humvee-replacement has just been announced by Wisconsin-based Oshkosh Defense - the Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle or L-ATV. Read More
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Hummer H2 Bomber ready to hit the slopes with Mattracks rubber tracks

By - March 28, 2010 5 Pictures
If you’re looking to boost the off-road capabilities of the already pretty capable Hummer H2 then look no further than the Hummer H2 Bomber. This customized vehicle from Germany’s Geiger Cars replaces the H2’s regular 8.5” x 20” rims and 305/60 tires with Mattracks 88M1-A1 rubber tracks on each wheel. These massive structures, 40cm wide and 150cm long, guarantee unrivaled traction on virtually any terrain. Read More
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The 100+ miles-per-gallon, plug-in hybrid Hummer

By - May 2, 2009 5 Pictures
Raser Technologies has debuted a Hummer H3, converted into a plug-in series hybrid, to coincide with the company's listing on the New York Stock Exchange. With the aerodynamics of a house – it has a drag coefficient of .43 (Cd .43) – and a curb weight of 4700 lb (2132 kg) in standard trim, the H3 hardly makes an ideal vehicle to base a hybrid conversion on. Raser chose the Hummer because trucks and SUVs have been among the best-selling vehicles in the US and stood to benefit most from increased fuel economy and reduced emissions. The recent economic slump and fuel price volatility have led to the Hummer brand being put up for sale (with no takers), while SUV sales have stalled with many SUV plants now closed. Read More
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If Jesse James drove a Hummer...

By - October 16, 2008 5 Pictures
We've seen it supercharged and even converted to remote control, but we've never seen a HUMMER H3 like this. Officially it's called art, but the phrases 'automotive travesty' and 'left-field promotional opportunity' also spring to mind in regard to British artist Matthew Harrison's latest project - a H3 with the standard 16-inch alloys dropped in favor of ‘Wild West’ wooden wagon wheels. The head-turning installation will be parked opposite the Royal Academy of Arts in London as part of the Zoo Art Fair 2008 which runs from 17-20 October. The strange thing is - it kind of suits. Read More
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Young graduates ace their first work assignment: the Hummer HX concept

By - January 14, 2008 35 Pictures
January 15, 2008 Talk about hitting the ground running - three young design students, fresh out of college, fronted up for their first day of work at GM and instead of a week of fetching coffees, their first assignment was to produce concepts for a new, compact, youth-oriented off-road Hummer. The three students' input drove the design of the new Hummer HX concept, which has sparked a lot of excitement among Hummer fans. Open-topped, with a configurable rear roof section, removable body panels and an E85-capable engine, the HX concept will debut shortly at the 2008 North American International Auto Show – and it's rumored to be the base for the upcoming H4 production SUV. Read More
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World’s first Ferrari stretch limousine

By - September 11, 2007 9 Pictures
September 12, 2007 Now here’s something very much out of the ordinary. This unique black Ferrari 360 Modena carbon fibre stretch limousine will undoubtedly spin heads when it’s unveiled at the European Limousine and Chauffeur Show in the UK this month. The fastest limo in the world according to owner Dan Cawley, the 23 feet long, 400bhp vehicle achieves 0-60mph in less than six seconds and has a top speed of 170mph. Read More
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Geiger's Christmas Hummer H2 (with chimney inside)

By - December 6, 2006 10 Pictures
December 7, 2006 We regularly write up the wares of Munich-based which specialises in building outrageous American automobiles, so we couldn’t really miss the chance to write up the firm’s Christmas HUMMER creation for the German Television show Galileo. Everything was extensively modified, and St. Nick’s new company vehicle sports everything he could possibly need including, would-you-believe a chimney! Read More
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HUMMER 02 Concept with phototropic body shell

By - December 2, 2006 7 Pictures
December 3, 2006 GM Advanced Design has won the Los Angeles Auto Show’s Design Challenge for the second year in a row. This year’s winning entry is a two-dimensional rendering of a 2015 Blue Sky Concept that addresses environmental sustainability. Called the HUMMER 02, the design was created to demonstrate that daily use of a vehicle could result in a net gain for the environment. The HUMMER 02 Concept features a phototropic body shell that produces pure oxygen throughout the life of the vehicle. Algae-filled body panels transform carbon dioxide into pure oxygen that is subsequently released back into the environment and inside the vehicle. Read More
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Dual-speed supercharger for the Hummer H3

By - October 26, 2006 6 Pictures
October 27, 2006 European automotive technology company, Antonov, will be showing its innovative 2-speed supercharger drive system at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show next week in Las Vegas with two mouth-watering implementations. A Hummer H3 (that's a stock H3 pictured) incorporating the patented technology will be presented at the show by Antonov’s US distributor Wheel to Wheel Powertrain and the system’s performance enhancing characteristics will be demonstrated at the show proving grounds in a Ford Mustang GT. Read More

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