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Gibbs Humdinga

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Amphibious hybrid concept car - street machine to mean marine

By - August 3, 2009 7 Pictures
Despite the fact that very few make it off the drawing board to prototype stage, ‘go anywhere’ concept cars are an ever popular subject for budding auto designers and car lovers alike. And why not - they allow us to forget about the pesky practicalities of design and tiresome economics and imagine what could be. The latest to cross our desk - the Amphibious Hybrid concept vehicle - is a case of Bond meets the Transformers with its automatically adjusting tire design that morphs to ensure maximum grip on any given terrain including ice and water, where it becomes a kind of three wheel paddle boat. Read More
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Humdinga - the 4WD amphibious vehicle

By - January 20, 2004 6 Pictures
Kiwi entrepreneur Alan Gibbs, the man behind the Aquada amphibious sports car, has unveiled an SUV/4WD amphibious vehicle concept designed specifically to access remote and hostile terrain. The 5-seater ‘Humdinga’ concept vehicle is a full-time 4WD powered by a 350 BHP V8 engine, capable of 160 kmh on land and on water at 65 kmh. Although the new application utilises the same patented HSA technological platform as the Gibbs Aquada, it shares no common component parts or systems with its predecessor. The Gibbs Humdinga can comfortably transport 5 people complete with luggage/supplies almost anywhere on the earth. Read More

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