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Huawei may not be a household name in the West (at least not yet), but the Chinese company is quickly carving out a sizable piece of the global smartphone pie, with its flagships that combine mid-range prices with premium designs. Its latest pair, the Huawei P8 and P8max, continue that trend. Read More
Huawei is jumping into smartwatches in a big way, with the beautiful, Android Wear-running Huawei Watch. Let's compare its features and specs to those of the Moto 360. Read More
Of the early Android Wear smartwatches, the round ones (Moto 360, LG G Watch R and soon the LG Watch Urbane) have been the most eye-catching. You can now add Huawei to that list, as it's teasing its new Huawei Watch (you know, like an Apple Watch ... only from Huawei) ahead of its Mobile World Congress reveal. Read More
In the unending march towards faster connection speeds, another benchmark has been surpassed. Huawei claims it has "achieved the industry’s first 10 Gbps Wi-Fi service in laboratory trials." The firm says the achievement paves the way for the next generation of commercially-available Wi-Fi. Read More
China's Huawei has launched a new 7-inch HD alternative to the still mighty Nexus 7 or Amazon's similarly-sized Kindle Fire HDX at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, but one with the added bonus of full mobile telephony capabilities. The flagship MediaPad X1 phablet packs high resolution cameras front and back, offers a choice of operating environments and promises a long battery life. Read More
With all the different makes and models of smartphones available, manufacturers are always looking for something to make their handsets stand out. China’s Huawei chose size as its differentiating factor at CES in 2012 when it unveiled the Ascend P1 S, touting it as the world’s slimmest smartphone. The company is at it again with its new Ascend P6, which it is calling, you guessed it, “the world’s slimmest smartphone.” Read More
At CES, companies announce Ultra HD TVs, screaming new processors, and more accessories than you could imagine. You won't, however, see many new smartphones. But that didn't stop Chinese manufacturer Huawei from opening the curtain on a pair of gigantic new handsets. Read More
Huawei sent me a review unit of the Ascend P1 smartphone to play with for a few weeks, and after spending some time with this super-thin Android 4.0 smartphone, I'm ready to render my judgment - she's beautiful, but not the kind of device worth breaking up your current smartphone marriage for. Not yet, at least. Read More
Quad-core smartphones are stealing the show at MWC 2012 in Barcelona, Spain this week. We've already seen LG's first model take center stage, with HTC's One X snapping at its heels, and now China's Huawei Device is hoping to trump the competition by launching what is claimed to the be the fastest smartphone in the world - the Huawei Ascend D quad. Read More
When it comes to smartphones, people can argue about the relative merits of a bigger display that is easier on the eyes and fingers or a smaller display that results in a more pocket-friendly unit. But whatever the length and width, it seems that the desire for a thinner smartphone is pretty much universal. And - for the time being anyway - they don't come any thinner than the Huawei Ascend P1 S that made its debut at CES this week. Measuring just 6.68 mm (0.26 in) thick, Huawei says although the Ascend PS 1 is the world's slimmest smartphone, it doesn't scrimp on the features. Read More