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Facebook reportedly wants to invade Android home screens on upcoming phones

For the last couple of years, the “Facebook phone” has lived in a faraway land – along with the unicorn, the Yeti, and the Apple TV set. Though we’d still be skeptical of any reported Yeti sightings, your eyes won’t be deceiving you if you soon see the mythical Facebook phone.  Read More

We compare the specs - and other features - of the HTC One and iPhone 5

Three years ago, one of Apple’s prime competitors from the Android side of the pond was the HTC EVO 4G. How times have changed. While Apple and Samsung duke it out at the top of the smartphone heap, HTC’s profits have dropped off the face of the earth. But everyone loves a good comeback story, and HTC is pulling out all the stops with its new flagship, the One. Read on, as we compare it to Apple’s top-selling iPhone 5.  Read More

We compare the specs - and other features - of the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One

No manufacturer was more responsible for Android’s rise than HTC. In 2010, the Taiwanese company was king of the hill, releasing the first Nexus device (the weak-selling Nexus One), and the first 4G phone (the hot-selling EVO 4G). Fast-forward to today, though, and Samsung has cleaned HTC’s clock. Does its new handset, the HTC One, provide hope for a comeback? Read on, as we compare its specs – and other features – to the Samsung Galaxy S III.  Read More

Meet the One, HTC's new flagship smartphone

HTC has announced its new flagship One smartphone. The device features a number of high-end specs and innovations such as a full 1080p display and the latest Qualcomm CPU, and aims to make a greater impact on the market than its One X and One X+ predecessors.  Read More

HTC's Mini lets your Butterfly delegate the whole phone thing to a little helper

Huge smartphones and phablets are great for some customers. They provide more screen real estate, and can double as miniature tablets. But the bigger these devices get, the more awkward they become for phone calls. If your 5-inch smartphone has you feeling like Zach Morris, then HTC has a solution: give your smartphone its own personal dumbphone.  Read More

How does the HTC Droid DNA compare to the Nexus 4?

Android phones often compete on "bigger, better, faster, stronger." This has led to giant phones with blazing-fast processors. Sharp displays are also the norm, but HTC is gambling that you'll want even more. The Droid DNA has the same resolution as a 1080p TV. Is it really a breakthrough, or are you better off with the Nexus 4?  Read More

How do 2012's best smartphones stack up?

In just five years, smartphones have gone from expensive novelties to fundamental parts of our lives. If you're shopping for a new smartphone, the choices can be daunting. How do you sort through the mess? Our 2012 Smartphone Comparison Guide is designed to help you decide which model is best for you.  Read More

It's the HTC One X+ vs. the Samsung Galaxy S III: who will come out ahead?

Shoppers can be fickle. Two companies will release competing products that are similar in nearly every way, and one will often outsell the other by leaps and bounds. This can often be attributed to marketing or timing, but sometimes the reasoning is a mystery. When the new HTC One X+ is released in November, we could potentially see this again. Let's see how it compares to the present King of Android, the Samsung Galaxy S3.  Read More

How does the upgraded HTC One X+ compare to its predecessor, the One X?

It seems so long ago. Before Samsung grew into the dominant player, the hottest Android manufacturer was HTC. Fast-forward to today, and HTC is trying to regroup with its series of One phones. Its latest offering is the upgraded version of the One X, dubbed the One X+. How does the new phone compare to its predecessor? Let's take a look.  Read More

The HTC One X+ is set to improve upon the original One X handset in a number of key areas

HTC has announced an updated version of its flagship HTC One X smartphone. The One X+ is set to provide users with more speed, storage and an extended battery-life. The refreshed device will ship with the company's Sense 4+ UI and will run the latest Android Jelly Bean operating system, which are also coming to existing One X and One S handsets in an update.  Read More

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