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Waterproof your iPad with the Waterwear transparent casing

So infatuated with your new iPad that you can’t bear to be apart from it for the briefest of moments – not even in the shower? Then this transparent, waterproof casing from Tokyo-based company, Tunewear, could be the perfect apparel for your digital pride and joy. Dubbed the Waterwear for iPAD/Tablet PC the clear plastic housing allows full multi-touch operation while your device is protected from dust and water.  Read More

The FABLABHOUSE entry from Instituto de Arquitectura Avanzada de Cataluna is shaped for op...

Madrid will host the first European version of the Solar Decathlon competition this summer which sees teams from universities throughout the world designing, building and displaying efficient and sustainable solar homes. The overall competition winner being decided after the completion of ten trials aimed at gauging each entry's energy efficiency and sustainability credentials.  Read More

The SEED Project is developing a method to convert unused shipping containers into sustain...

Aside from tragic loss of life and incomprehensible destruction, events like last week’s devastating earthquake in Haiti create a myriad of problems in their wake, not least of which is homelessness. With over 30 million shipping containers the world over currently lying dormant, a team of researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina are working to help solve the issue of accommodation in disaster affected areas by developing a method to convert the unused containers into sustainable emergency housing.  Read More

E.ON 2016 complete with 1930's Austin

Building environmentally friendly houses from the ground up is all well and good, but what about the existing energy inefficient houses most of us still live in? In 1930’s England three million semi-detached houses, or duplexes, were built and are still a major part the current housing stock. Now a three-year research project is about to start at The University of Nottingham that will help people living in these properties meet the Government’s ambitions to reduce CO2 emissions from homes. The joint project with the energy firm E.ON aims to learn energy efficiency lessons for the future from the failings of houses in the past.  Read More

Pet sensing doorbell

Pets don't have knuckles with which to rap on the door, but technology can help when your furry friend wants to come in. The Pet Sensing Doorbell uses a smart key attached to your cat or dog’s collar to activate a cordless doorbell and alert you to their presence - no barking or scratching required.  Read More

Envision Solar LifeVillage

Designed to address the problem of access to critical utilities in remote areas and developing nations that lack the necessary infrastructure, Envision Solar's modular self-contained LifeVillage integrates clean power and water treatment into buildings and communities, no matter what the location.  Read More

TrekStor USB stick CO

The list of things you can do with your USB memory stick just keeps getting longer. The latest 2-in-one effort from TrekStor will ensure you don't get caught short at your next BBQ - the USB stick CO is a high-speed data storage device which doubles as a bottle opener.  Read More

geos sustainable housing rendering

Colorado will be home to the largest net-zero energy, master-planned community in the US after plans were announced for 250 residences to be built. Construction of the Geos Neighborhood will begin this fall and, once complete, will generate enough renewable energy to offset 100% of the annual energy needs of the entire community.  Read More

Californian housing estate gets solar as standard

A new housing estate, with solar power to be included as a standard feature in all homes, has been officially opened in San Bernardino County, California. Opened on Earth Day, ‘Harmony’ is a planned residential development and a collaboration between CenterStone Communities and Petersen-Dean Roofing Systems that will lower residents’ utility costs by up to 50%.  Read More

Waterfront Toronto - West Don Lands design perspective

March 18, 2008 Waterfront Toronto, a 2,000 acre area of largely publicly owned land, is one of the largest urban developments currently underway in North America. As part of the project, a 3500 square meter District Energy Centre is under development which will consist of an interconnected network of underground pipes which that be extended to every area in each of the waterfront precincts. The plant will initially be powered by natural gas but the design will incorporate the necessary features for easy conversion to more sustainable, alternative fuel sources when they are approved for urban use. This "future-proof" system will make the new waterfront neighborhood a more efficient and sustainable user of energy in years to come.  Read More

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