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The EX HD eCAFE notebook with 16GB of flash storage, HDMI-out and a claimed 13 hours of ba...

The Guillemot Corporation brand Hercules has announced a couple of new 10-inch eCAFÉ netbooks – one less than an inch thick and the other promising at least 13 hours of "real use" battery life. Both feature a low-power processor, run a custom operating system and benefit from solid state storage. They also sport a display which folds into the body, and all physical connectivity options are placed at the sides.  Read More

The Hercules Dualpix HD720p webcam shoots 720p HD video and tilts for eye-to-eye video cha...

Computer electronics manufacturer Hercules offers a new angle on webcams for people who have trouble seeing eye-to-eye in video chat sessions. The Dualpix HD720p is a high-def webcam that shoots 720p and features an autofocus lens and built-in microphone. The Dualpix is adjustable on two axes, so you can place it where you want on the sides or top of your notebook computer or monitor, in order to better look the camera directly "in the eye".  Read More

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