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Heads Up Display

Augmented Reality enables computer-enhanced work

With an Augmented Reality system like Arvika, complex tasks such as repairs to a BMW 7 can be greatly simplified and speeded up. Augmented Reality means that, with the help of data glasses, a computer overlays virtual information onto what the viewer actually sees. Siemens Automation and Drives and all the partners in the Arvika project recently demonstrated just how powerful these systems have become.  Read More

Pre-production units
 successfully tested

Fighter pilots have had it for years but Formula One drivers have only just begun experimenting with heads-up displays, so it was unexpected to find Motion Research Corporation showing their forthcoming consumer heads-up display for motorcycle and bicycle helmets at last Friday's 23rd Annual Cycle World International Motorcycle Show in Seattle.  Read More

Helmet-mounted Information Display Systems

When Ralf Schumacher took third in the Hungarian F1 GP, it was an important event - it was the first time that a heads-up display had been used in a Grand Prix and gave great validity to the coming wave of information visualisation systems.  Read More

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