Master & Dynamic ME05 earphones look elegant in machined brass

While basic earbuds will get the job done, many eventually choose to upgrade their audio with something that both looks and sounds better. If you happen to have an appreciation for precision-machining and fine material, the latest from Master & Dynamic may catch your fancy. The ME05 earphones feature 8-mm Neodymium drivers encased in a solid brass body with a hand-finished shine.Read More


V-Moda loses the cables with latest Crossfade Wireless headphones

Through much planning, research, engineering, and maybe a little bit of caving-in to consumer demand, V-Moda has unveiled what many had believed would never be. The V-Moda Crossfade Wireless over-ear headphones are the company’s first Bluetooth-enabled product after so many years of cable-only models. The Crossfade Wireless is designed to offer virtually-identical analog and wireless playback while maintaining V-Moda’s iconic silhouette.Read More


Logitech caters to gamers with Artemis Spectrum headsets

To some, playing video games is something one does on occasion for fun and/or to kill some time. To many others, gaming is a passionate hobby that demands the best of the best. Whether it's upgrading to the latest PC hardware, or creating comfortable seating for friends around a console device, many gamers look for ways to maximize the experience. Logitech has just announced its Artemis Spectrum G933 and G633 headsets, which cater to those who demand high-performance audio and cross-platform compatibility.Read More

Music Review

Review: Second coming of the q-Jays earphones

In a market saturated with celebrity endorsements, fashion experiments and ambitious mark-ups, it is always a delight to discover a product that focusses on functionality and performance. Swedish company Jays last month released its second-generation q-Jays reference earphones, three years after the release of the first model. We put them through their paces to see if they impress as much as the originals.Read More


Combat+ Sync wireless headphones also work as two-way radios

When it comes to exercise or physical activity, some people prefer solitude to do their own thing. For many others, these experiences are enhanced by including music and/or friends. Soul Electronics has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new product that caters to such people by combining wireless audio and personal communication. The Combat+ Sync headphones allows users to enjoy music and talk to each other through built-in walkie-talkies.Read More


AfterShokz promises better bone conduction audio with Trekz Titanium headphones

When it comes to portable, personal audio, many of us are content to plug our ears with buds or cover them with cushioned cups. Such designs help isolate the user from environmental noise and improve the listening experience. But there are times when one needs/wants situational awareness, such as with outdoor running, hiking, or cycling. Trekz Titanium, the latest bone-conduction headphones from AfterShokz, are claimed to offer premium sound and safety for the best of both worlds.Read More


Trinity Audio in-ear monitors feature sweat-proof coating, customizable sound

When it comes to most crowdfunded campaigns, backers hope that their pledges successfully produce and ship the product(s) designed by the creators. But everyone once in a great while, you'll find a project that is tailor-made to the requests of consumers. Trinity Audio Engineering has just launched a fresh Kickstarter campaign to create high-end in-ear monitors (IEMs) for active individuals, all because of the collective comments and feedback during its previous success.Read More

Home Entertainment Review

Review: Plantronics' feature-filled BackBeat Sense headphones

Plantronics, well known for communication headsets and Bluetooth earpieces, has been showing more of its casual, active lifestyle side over the past year. The Plantronics BackBeat Pro, BackBeat Fit, and BackBeat Go 2 have been targeted at consumers looking for portable audio gear. But with the market so saturated these days, it takes more than Bluetooth wireless to turn heads. We get some quality time with Plantronics’ latest BackBeat Sense headphones to see if the added features truly make a meaningful difference.Read More

Wearables Review

Review: Phiaton BT 100 NC earphones pack plenty of features in a portable package

Over the past few years, California-based Phiaton has earned much recognition for a headphone lineup that embodies modern styling, quality audio, and tends to pack in more features than the competition. Combined with very affordable price-points, it’s easy to understand their popularity. We check in with Phiaton’s all-new BT 100 NC earphones to see if they up the ante for mobile-friendly convenience and all-around use.Read More


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