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Review: Audiofly AF240 headphones

Australian company Audiofly, long-associated with quality in-ear monitors, has delivered its first attempt at a professional over-ear product with the AF240 headphones. After a promising demonstration at CES2015 in January, they were released this week. Gizmag was sent a pre-release pair for review and found them stylish, practical and sonically pleasing.
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Audeze EL-8 Titanium headphones shun iPhone audio jack for Lightning port

Whatever your mobile music poison, there's a good chance that your earphones or headphones are plugged into the tune-playing source hardware via the 3.5 mm audio jack. Earlier this year we reviewed some earphones from Hong Kong-based Zorloo that took a wholly different route, and one that served up a good slice of high resolution goodness in the process. The new EL-8 Titanium headphones come shipped with an audio cable which, like the Z:ero earphones, sports a built-in headphone amp and high resolution DAC in the cable. But this one ends in a Lightning connector.Read More


Hifiman eyes high end mobile market with Edition X headphones

Earlier this year, Delaware-based high-end headphone maker Hifiman launched a new flagship planar magnetic open back headphone to much audiophile and pundit applause, with the nanometer-thick diaphragm and non-symmetrical planar driver design offering critic-silencing clarity and sonic detail. They were big. They were beautiful. And, at US$3,000, they were eye-wateringly expensive. Hifiman's president and founder Dr. Fang Bian says that he wanted to offer a model with similar features and performance, but one that was more portable and didn't need a large expensive amp to run it. This has been realized in the new Edition X.Read More

Computers Review

Review: ZuperDAC makes hi-res thumb-sized

With a few notable exceptions, you'd be forgiven for thinking that laptop audio circuitry is something of a manufacturing afterthought, with decisions on such things made at the very end of the design process when there's very little money left in the pot. Plugging a pair of top drawer headphones into a notebook's (often cheap and cheerful) audio out jack can therefore be a little disappointing, leading many music lovers to look to the USB ports for help. Though some USB digital-to-analog converters and headphone amps can be a good deal bigger than the laptop they're connected to, and have a suitably large price tag to match, smaller options are available. The successfully-crowdfunded ZuperDAC from Zorloo, for example, is about the size of a USB thumb drive and supports audio file resolutions right up to 24-bit/192 kHz. We've spent the last few weeks diving into our hi-res FLAC and WAV vault for some lossless easy listening.Read More


Sennheiser's budget-breaking Orpheus headphones

Nearly 25 years ago Sennheiser introduced its Orpheus headphones, which were widely considered at the time to be at the leading edge of headphone design and quality – they cost US$16,000. For the last 10 years, engineers at Sennheiser have been trying to improve upon that original design and they've now produced a successor. The company claims the new Orpheus are the "best headphones in the world" – and they come at an even higher price tag of around €50,000 (US$55,100).Read More

Home Entertainment

Blue's Lola headphones promise Mo-Fi-like quality in a lighter, cheaper package

We were mighty impressed by the Mo-Fi headphones from Blue Microphones when we reviewed them last year, but they were a little weighty and quite expensive. Today the company has revealed the Lola headphones, which feature the same 50 mm custom drivers, "ear-shaped" pads and multi-jointed headband as the Mo-Fi, but are lighter and cheaper. They are lacking in one important area though.Read More


It's touch and go for B&O's BeoPlay H7 headphones

Earlier this month, Bang & Olufsen revealed a monstrous 90th anniversary wireless speaker called the BeoLab 90 costing US$40,000 and capable of throwing out 8,200 watts via 18 drivers. The company has now followed this with something a whole lot cheaper, a good deal smaller and a touch more personal. B&O says that the BeoPlay H7 premium over-ear headphones offer users gesture-based touch control of music playback and will deliver its Signature Sound whether the wearer opts to listen over Bluetooth or via the supplied cable.Read More


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