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Hard Drive

SentrySafe launches FIRE-SAFE/Waterproof Hard Drive at CES 2008

January 7, 2008 Among the deluge of new product announcements emerging from the International CES which gets underway today in Las Vegas, residential and small office security-storage container manufacturer SentrySafe has launched a range of data and document security products including the world’s first FIRE-SAFE/Waterproof Hard Drive that protects data from fire and water disasters, as well as computer crashes and theft. The new line-up also includes a multipurpose Data Storage Chest that provides protection for data storage devices, CDs and DVDs, plus the world’s first multipurpose USB connected FIRE-SAFE/Water-Resistant Safe and a CD/DVD File to protect and organize up to 100 CDs or DVDs.  Read More

2TB LaCie

August 16, 2007 LaCie has boosted the capacity of its Ethernet Big Disk to a massive 2TB in a compact 2x7x11” solution. The 2TB LaCie is designed for centrally storing and sharing files over a network via Ethernet or as a personal hard drive off the network using USB. When connected to a home network, the Big Disk can stream multimedia content to compatible AV adapters and enables simultaneous music and movie playback on a networked theater system.  Read More

Netgear's Storage Central Turbo (SC101T)

July 11, 2007 As laptop and PC ownership rises, households are more and more frequently running wired and wireless networks between several PCs, laptops, printers, and other devices. Bulk broadband downloads and growing amounts of home media production all take up a lot of hard drive space, and external storage devices can be quite fiddly - which is why Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices are growing in popularity. Netgear's latest NAS device aimed at the home market is the SC101T Storage Central Turbo. It's quicker than its predecessor - operating at fast Gigabit Ethernet transfer speeds - and houses up to two fast 3.5" SATA hard drives of any capacity to provide a networked storage solution for home and small business networks.  Read More

The Porsche USB 2.0/FireWire buspowered portable hard drive

July 3, 2007 The LaCie Porsche mobile hard drive is a Road Warrior’s delight – it’s gorgeous, small, built to withstand hard knocks when travelling, holds 250GB and doesn’t need a power adaptor. There is also no software to configure on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Mac OS X because it’s driver-free and it’s preformatted for immediate use on PC or Mac. With plug and play convenience, one-click back-up software and a sexy Porsche-designed case and nameplate, one of these babies will set you back US$339 (USB 2.0) or US $359 (FireWire).  Read More

The HyperDrive4

June 4, 2007 Got a computing task so brutal that even a roaring Seagate Savvio 15K hard drive won't cut it? The HyperDrive4 is a 5.25" storage device which uses volatile DDR memory instead of a conventional mechanical hard drive. This might sound crazy, but with a variety of supported methods to seamlessly backup and restore the data, you'd be crazy to pass on performance boosts of up to 20,000% (depending on the application of course). Forget about buying additional hardware too - the HyperDrive4 plugs-and-plays with any machine that supports IDE or SATA (that's just about all of them). The catch? A limit of 16GB per HyperDrive4, and a hefty price tag.  Read More

Hitachi's One Terabyte Hard Drive

May 7, 2007 Hitachi’s Deskstar 7K1000, announced at CES 2007 as the world’s first one-terabyte hard drive has now been shipping for a month and inventories have reached critical mass. With a suggested retail price of US$400, the drive offers colossal storage capacity and is well-suited for high-performance, gaming and media center PCs and external storage devices. The drive uses perpendicular magnetic recording technology, allowing Hitachi to extend capacity beyond that available in current products. The hard drive features a 3.0Gb/s Serial-ATA (SATA) interface and large 32 MB data buffer to provide the performance required for high-end PC applications. Along with the Deskstar 7K1000 for the retail market, Hitachi has launched the CinemaStar version of the 1TB hard drive, which provides optimised capabilities specifically designed for digital video recording (DVR) applications.  Read More

Seagate Savvio - the world's fastest hard drive spins at 15,000 rpm

January 18, 2007 Yesterday we wrote about the coming of the Solid State Drive and today we’re reporting that Seagate has further pushed the limits of current drive technology with the introduction of the world's fastest hard drive - the Savvio 15K drive is a new addition to the Savvio family of 2.5-inch Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) enterprise drives and it’s aptly named because it spins at 15,000 rpm. The drive's unique combination of features include its 70 percent smaller size, lower power consumption, industry's fastest seek time and the industry's highest reliability.  Read More

Solid State Disks gather momentum - 32 GB, 64 GB and now 128GB

January 17, 2007 With flash storage technology catching up to traditional disc platter storage devices and the price of NAND flash dropping quickly, Solid State Disks (SSD) look set to finally make their mark in 2007. It’s only eight months since we reported on Samsung’s World first PC with NAND flash-based solid state disk – a 32 GB affair. Then, at CES last week, Sandisk announced a 32GB 1.8-inch SSD and now Taiwanese manufacturer PQI has announced a 64GB 2.5-inch SSD which will be available before the end of 2007. A-DATA showed a 128GB 2.5-inch SSD behind closed doors at CES according to the Enquirer.  Read More

Iomega’s 560GB desktop storage solution

November 17, 2006 Iomega’s Second Generation Desktop REV Loader 560 is shipping and as you can see from the piccie, it really looks the goods. The autoloader provides access to 560GB of native storage (or 1.12TB of compressed capacity) by managing up to eight removable 70GB REV disks in a compact desktop form factor. The new REV Loader 560 is 18cm tall and 13cm wide and offers a total backup and archive solution for small businesses by bundling with each REV Loader 560 a license for CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup for Windows, including support for disaster recovery. It hence offers an automated backup device at a street price of around US$1,600 with 70GB disks at US$69 each or in four-packs for US$250. Importantly, it offers an alternative to tape backup products that rely on very slow linear-access technology, delivering up to 30MB/sec data transfer rates with random access capability, which is up to 10 times faster than many tape alternatives such as DAT-72.  Read More

Seagate sets new magnetic recording density record of 421 Gbits Per Square Inch

September 19, 2006 Seagate Technology has claimed a world magnetic recording density record of 421 Gbits per square inch (421 Gbit/in2) using perpendicular recording heads and media created with currently available production equipment. Dr. Mark Kryder of Seagate unveiled the findings during his keynote presentation at the IDEMA DISKCON show in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the hard drive. We are very fortunate to be able to include Dr. Kryder’s entire slide presentation in our image library – some remarkable information and insights into the past, present and future of the hard disk drive – including forecasts that by 2014 we’ll have 200GB one inch drives and 12 terabyte 3.5 inch drives.  Read More

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