March 20, 2009 When you think you have come across all the tools that could possibly add any value, along comes a new one to the ranks. The Milli-grip spanner, from HTM Products of Sussex, is a "must have" for the home handyman. It is an adjustable spanner that fits metric nuts and bolts from 2mm through to 32mm, in 1mm increments. Through its ratchet system, it eliminates the slippage problems (and associated skinned knuckles) inherent in the traditional shifting spanner/wrench, with its worm-gear operation. Suitable for use by both left and right handed people, the Milli-grip can be adjusted to a precise fit with just one hand in a fraction of the time required with the old shifting spanner. Once locked onto the nut or bolt, it will not alter its setting during use. Read More
The Dulux PaintPod is a new approach to painting with a roller that's designed to get your room painted quickly, without drips or ruined carpets. The mains-powered, vacuum cleaner sized unit uses a pre-loadable emulsion pack filled with paint so you don’t have to refill the paint tray or re-load the roller, you simply squeeze the trigger and within thirty seconds, a measured amount of paint is released. Read More
In the spirit of finding any excuse to bling up just about anything, Leatherman are celebrating their 25th anniversary with the release of the Argentum Collection – a line of limited edition leatherman tools hand crafted by silversmith Adrian Pallarols that range in price from US$240 to US$40,000. Read More
March 10, 2008 The event that last year spawned the chainsaw powered wheelbarrow and ride-on garden blower will return to the UK in August. The rules of the Silverline Power Tool Drag Racing event are straight forward - take any hand-held power tool, tinker with it to create a drag-ready machine and then race it down a 75 foot track. Read More
May 18, 2007 Zircon have added a couple of clever new electronic tools to their range; a laser measuring device that can automatically calculate surface area or volume, and a very affordable metal detector/stud finder. These new products are the latest additions to a range of Zircon tools that use smart technology to make the handyman's life a lot easier. Read More