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Mixing your drinks: How to reduce the dehydrating effect of consuming beer after sport

Beer is often quaffed in the aftermath of a day of sports in the fellowship of friends and neighbors. Unfortunately, while it may pick up the spirits and increase the celebratory feeling, the dehydration associated with alcohol consumption can lead to tiredness and cramping muscles. A new study by a group of Australian Public Health researchers shows that many of these ill effects can be lessened by adding a pinch of sodium to your beer. Read More


Scientists capture the shadow cast by a single atom

A team of researchers at Griffith University has managed to stretch the capabilities of microscopy to its ultimate limit. Culminating a five-years effort, the scientists have obtained a digital image of the shadow cast by a single atom, in a development that might soon lead to important advances in scientific observations ranging from the very big to the very small.Read More


World first automated real-time surf updates

The evolution of the humble surfcam will see a major milestone this weekend when Australian surfcam network Coastalwatch begins rolling out its new realtime Wave Height/Wave Period technology. The Coastalwatch software analyzes live video segments from its cameras to track wave movement through the break zone providing actual wave height and wave period. This means that eventually, Coastalwatch’s 100+ camera network of web-accessible surf cams will be continuously updating its surf reports throughout the day, overcoming the current global phenomena of a surf reporter filing a report at 7.00am listing the surf size as 2ft, yet by 11.00am it may have built to 4 – 5 ft. Read More


New Australian Search Engine launched

Friday November 7, 2003: MOOTER is a new Australia search engine planning an aggressive entry into the multi-million dollar paid search market. By displaying results as simple clusters of information rather than long lists and attempting to prioritise the users search, Mooter hopes to offer a more intelligent and 'humanised' approach to finding information on the Internet.Read More


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