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Green Screens

With Portal boxes, two people connected to the internet can literally reach behind a video...

Thanks to touchscreens and motion controls, we're able to interact with anything with a screen like never before; but this still leaves that glass barrier between us and the virtual world that we see behind it. We can't just leap into our televisions or computers like Mike Teavee in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and we certainly can't jump into the same space as someone else on the other side of the world. Now though, thanks to one design student's Portal boxes, we can at least reach our hands behind the screen along with another person connected to the internet, and interact with a virtual world together.  Read More

Yoostar brings green-screen technology to your home to put you in movie scenes next to you...

Put yourself in the spotlight - and into your favorite movie scenes - with Yoostar. Consisting of a 'studio-grade' webcam, a portable green screen, a remote control, and PC software, Yoostar lets you act out roles from your favorite films while recording your performance and digitally adding it to the original. You can insert yourself into scenes alongside Marilyn Monroe or the Blues Brothers and save your movie as a YouTube-ready clip. Yoostar comes with 12 movie scenes and two bonus scenes, with additional clips available for download from Yoostar’s website.  Read More

RipRoar Creation Station - Click image to enlarge

August 29, 2007 This new video creation system designed for tweens enables the creation, editing and one-touch uploading of videos directly to YouTube. Toy manufacturer ToyQuest recently announced the release of the US$99.99 RipRoar Creation Station, which features the ability to shoot in "green screen" and drop in background animation.  Read More

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