Google launches OnHub, its vision of the ultimate router

The humble home router may not have the same kind of buzz associated with smartphones and tablets, but when you think about the role it serves, it's still a very important bit of kit. Google today announced its very own take on the router: Called OnHub and built in partnership with TP-Link, it's designed to provide a secure, simple internet experience for everyone.Read More

Google to roll out Android One in Africa

Google has announced that Android One is expanding to Africa. The program, aimed at making "high-quality smartphones accessible to as many people as possible," will roll-out in Nigeria next, with the launch of the Infinix Hot 2 smartphone. Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Egypt and Morocco will follow.Read More


Project Sunroof calculates rooftop solar potential using Google Maps

Ever balked at installing solar panels on your roof because it's pretty damn expensive or you're not sure how much power it would actually generate, or a combination of both? Well, a new venture from Google is aimed at taking the guesswork out of weaning your household off the grid. Powered by Google Maps, Project Sunroof can tell users how much sun is hitting their roof and how much they might be able to shave off their power bills.Read More

Mobile Technology

OnePlus 2 vs. Nexus 6

If you want a phone that runs stock Android, your options used to be limited (mostly) to buying a Nexus phone or running a custom ROM. But OnePlus is one of several companies filling that role today with the nearly stock-running OnePlus 2. Let's see how it compares to the pure Lollipop torch-bearer, the Nexus 6.

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Google's Project Loon balloons to cover Sri Lanka with internet access

Bringing internet to remote regions by sending internet-enabled balloons into the stratosphere sure sounds like a wild idea, but it's about to become a reality for the resident of Sri Lanka. The government of the island nation has just announced a partnership with Google that will bring affordable high-speed internet access to every inch of the country using the company's Project Loon balloons.Read More


Carnegie Mellon to form "living lab" of internet of things through Google initiative

When Google proposed its Open Web of Things initiative last December, it was seeking to increase interoperability, security, and an elegant user interface in the global movement towards connected smart devices. The company has awarded half a million dollars towards Carnegie Mellon University to develop its campus and eventually Pittsburg, PA into a "living lab" of cheap and ubiquitous sensors, integrated apps, and user-developed tools to work towards Google's vision of an integrated machine future.Read More


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