Mobile Technology

OnePlus 2 vs. Nexus 6

If you want a phone that runs stock Android, your options used to be limited (mostly) to buying a Nexus phone or running a custom ROM. But OnePlus is one of several companies filling that role today with the nearly stock-running OnePlus 2. Let's see how it compares to the pure Lollipop torch-bearer, the Nexus 6.

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Google's Project Loon balloons to cover Sri Lanka with internet access

Bringing internet to remote regions by sending internet-enabled balloons into the stratosphere sure sounds like a wild idea, but it's about to become a reality for the resident of Sri Lanka. The government of the island nation has just announced a partnership with Google that will bring affordable high-speed internet access to every inch of the country using the company's Project Loon balloons.Read More


Carnegie Mellon to form "living lab" of internet of things through Google initiative

When Google proposed its Open Web of Things initiative last December, it was seeking to increase interoperability, security, and an elegant user interface in the global movement towards connected smart devices. The company has awarded half a million dollars towards Carnegie Mellon University to develop its campus and eventually Pittsburg, PA into a "living lab" of cheap and ubiquitous sensors, integrated apps, and user-developed tools to work towards Google's vision of an integrated machine future.Read More

Good Thinking

Google's neural networks create bizarre "Inceptionism" art

Having taken on everyone from chess grandmasters to chefs, computers are further exploring their artistic side with computer scientists demonstrating how artificial neural networks can create works of art reminiscent of William Blake on opium. The surreal images produced by a technique called "Inceptionism" are part of a process to better understand how such networks operate and how to improve them.Read More

Good Thinking

How the new Google Trends and News Lab could accelerate the 24-hour news cycle

Gizmag has been writing news for the web for over a decade now, and during that time, Google has continued to influence what we write and read about on the web. This week Google launched a new portal designed for journalists called Google News Lab, officially acknowledging what's been known for years now and formalizing the relationship between the company and journalism in a new way.Read More


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