Google Fiber lights up another big city

Google Fiber officially launched in its fifth American city on Wednesday, when the gigabit broadband service became available in one Nashville, Tennessee neighborhood. Right now, Fiber is only available in four apartment buildings near the city's famed Music Row neighborhood, but expansion is planned across the city. Read More

Google puts you on stage at the Sydney Opera House

Google has created one of the most comprehensive tours of the Sydney Opera House, that can be accessed without ever setting foot in Australia. On Wednesday the Google Cultural Institute launched its Sydney Opera House experience, including a 360-degree virtual tour for Google Cardboard and over 1,000 digital artifacts that tell the story behind the iconic structure.Read More


Google's Go-conquering AI proves it's no fluke with 4-1 series win over world's best

Due to its incredible degree of complexity, the ancient Chinese game of Go has been viewed as the Mt Everest of artificial intelligence research. But just as chess, checkers and Jeopardy fell before it, a Google-made computer program has finally taken the fight a top-flight human opponent, one regarded as the best player of the past decade, no less. In what marks a significant advance for the field of AI, AlphaGo has today claimed victory in a five-game series, but not before South Korean Lee Sedol could land a few shots of his own. Read More

Mobile Technology

5 features to look forward to in Android Nougat

Just when we'd grown used to Google launching previews of Android at its I/O event in May, it decides to unveil the Android N preview early. These developer previews give app makers and users alike a heads-up about what's coming in the next version of the Android mobile OS, and these are the major new features we know about so far.Read More


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