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P3ProSwing: PC based golf swing simulation

November 20, 2004 P3ProSwing is a golf simulation and swing analyser aimed at giving amateurs easy access to detailed information on their swing characteristics using an existing PC. The system tracks nearly a dozen key swing characteristics, including club speed, swing tempo, attack angle, face angle, swing path and toe and heel heights. Each swing is displayed on the computer's monitor, allowing golfers to view see dramatic virtual views of the ball's 'flight' and a recently introduced projection screen system also enables the set up of a complete indoor virtual golf system.  Read More

Bushnell Yardage Pro Range Finder

June 3, 2004 The Bushnell Yardage Pro Rangefinder provides a solution to the age-old golfing problem of being 'a club too short' or a 'club too long' and completely missing the target despite hitting the ball straight. Used like a set of binoculars with a targeting site in the view-finder for pinpointing the object, Yardage Pro Rangefinders have many applications from including mapping, surveying, hunting, boating and golf.  Read More

LaserGolf gets you in the virtual swing

Wednesday September 24, 2003: Laser Golf uses the special club in conjunction with a sensor mat attached via USB cable to the PC to simulate a round of golf in every detail - greens, trees, and even sprinklers are rendered in 3D on the screen and exact ball velocity, spin, impact point, water and terrain calculations are made so that "shots" have realistic results.  Read More

Masterstroke - DIY Backyard Golf Greens

Monday August 25, 2003: If putting into a cup on the living room floor just isn't having the desired impact on your handicap, it might be time to take things to the next level. Masterstroke Australia have launched a new range of D-I-Y backyard golf green kits that allow any avid golfer with a few hands-on skills to install a premium putting green in their own back yard.  Read More

Wireless Motion Capture promises a better golf game for everyone

There must be something about the gentle art of playing golf that fires the creative synapses – in three years of Gizmag editorial, we have seen countless efforts to assist us mere mortals to play a better game of golf. We were recently very impressed with the advanced technologies of the Top Swing Golf Robot and felt almost certain that the technologies and understanding offered by Top swing could not be bettered. We were wrong. iClub’s remarkable technologies promise a detailed understanding of one’s own imperfect golf swing, a monitoring of the improvements to the swing and technique through remedial actions and ultimately, a vastly improved golf game. The iClub system includes a suite of golf instructional products proven to help a golfer dramatically improve performance. Created by scientists, engineers, and faculty from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the system combines wireless motion sensing platforms and state- of-the-art technology to create the best instructional products in the world. The iClub suite of products includes a Body Motion System and the iClub. The Body Motion System is a lightweight vest with embedded sensors that measures power gains and losses during a swing; and, the iClub is a tiny sensor that attaches to the end of any golf club and measures motion during a swing. Data from both devices is sent wirelessly to a personal computer where artificial intelligence converts the information to a 3-D view of the person and club in motion.  Read More

Suunto G9 Golf Watch

Finish company Suunto has released a golf watch which measures and processes data collected by its wearer, such as shot distance and score, and can suggest club selection too. All shot measurements and data collected on course can be downloaded to a home computer for analysis and storage, and historical data can be uploaded to the watch when playing specific courses  Read More

Findable Golfball System

A new type of golf ball tracking system could render the lost ball penalty a thing of the past. Radar Golf Inc. has launched the new system which uses an embedded RFID tag in the balls and a compact hand-held device which locates the golf ball.  Read More

Tiger Woods made the change to Nike Blade Forged Irons in September and immediately broke the course record at the World Golf Championships in Kilkenny.  Read More

Tiger Woods makes the switch to Nike Forged Irons

After an average year by his standards - he won two of four Majors and five events total in 2002 - Tiger Woods has made the change to Nike Blade Forged Irons. Golf is a sport of subtleties and changing clubs isn't as easy as changing shoes...  Read More

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