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February 24, 2006 If you’re a very wired dude and a golfer, the Soldius solar powered golf bag is an absolute must-have item. Innovative Dutch company Soldius makes a range of innovative solar chargers that include a pocket device and a number of carry bags with built-in solar panels to enable charging of personal electronic appliances on-the-go. The Soldius golf bag was a logical extension for the range, having been trialed as a concept last year and drawing enormous global interest. There will be four solar-powered bags available ranging in price from US$200 to the full-leather US$800 top-of-the-range bag. Read More
September 7, 2005 Robert D. Grober, Yale professor of Applied Physics and Physics, has combined his passion for golf and his professional expertise to produce a unique and effective real–time audio biofeedback device for teaching and training golf. Grober developed a golf club that has motion–detecting sensors, similar to those used for safety airbag deployment in cars, embedded in the shaft. Sonic Golf’s unique feature is the use of real–time audio feedback. “We were able to identify a signal from the sensors related to the speed of the club,” Grober said. “We convert this signal into an audio soundscape that is universally intuitive to golfers and instantly interpretable, providing real–time audio feedback on the tempo, timing and rhythm of the golf swing.” Read More
August 18, 2005 Lost golf balls are the bane of a golfer's existence we're not sure which is worse - waiting for the group in front to find their golf ball or losing one yourself. Over the years there has been countless technological endeavour directed at the problem - how to find a lost golf ball> Now there's a simple, cost-efficient and elegant solution. Visiball “Golf Ball Finder” glasses work by blocking out various coloured light waves while allowing the white light wave of the golf balls to pass. The special lenses are claimed to make the lost ball almost appear to glow, making it easy to locate and resume play quickly. Pretty simple really - we've got a set of the glasses winging their way to us at present so we'll send our kick-arse resident golfer Noel out to lose a few golf balls - stay tuned! Read More
May 11, 2005 Technological progress is being lavished on the science of golf at such a rate that it’s almost hard to keep up. In the last month we’ve featured the ingenious Top Swing Golf Robot and the even-more-ingenious iClub wireless motion capture system and now we have the ProTee Golf Simulator, a state-of-the-art golf simulation system designed for the home. This simulation goes beyond gaming: real clubs and real balls can be used and computing results can be projected onto a large screen. Another new feature is the modular build-up of the system. The basic package is very affordable and can even fit in your living room with only a sensor mat of synthetic grass and the club of your choice. No need to worry about windows: balls are optional. Read More
April 27, 2005 TAG Heuer has announced a limited-edition launch of the world's first professional golf watch - a watch light and durable enough so that you can wear it to the tee without fear of compromising your shot. Fusing sports and glamour, the TAG Heuer Professional Golf Watch is the result of a partnership between Tiger Woods and TAG Heuer and a limited run of just 8000 pieces will be released worldwide next week. Read More
There must be something about the gentle art of playing golf that fires the creative synapses – in three years of Gizmag editorial, we have seen countless efforts to assist us mere mortals to play a better game of golf. We were recently very impressed with the advanced technologies of the Top Swing Golf Robot and felt almost certain that the technologies and understanding offered by Top swing could not be bettered. We were wrong. iClub’s remarkable technologies promise a detailed understanding of one’s own imperfect golf swing, a monitoring of the improvements to the swing and technique through remedial actions and ultimately, a vastly improved golf game. The iClub system includes a suite of golf instructional products proven to help a golfer dramatically improve performance. Created by scientists, engineers, and faculty from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the system combines wireless motion sensing platforms and state- of-the-art technology to create the best instructional products in the world. The iClub suite of products includes a Body Motion System and the iClub. The Body Motion System is a lightweight vest with embedded sensors that measures power gains and losses during a swing; and, the iClub is a tiny sensor that attaches to the end of any golf club and measures motion during a swing. Data from both devices is sent wirelessly to a personal computer where artificial intelligence converts the information to a 3-D view of the person and club in motion. Read More
March 5, 2005 Top Swing is an electronically controlled robot that can hold your golf club, feel your swing, and guide you how to get the perfect swing - unlike all previous golf teaching aids, the Top Swing can enable everyone to FEEL just what the perfect golf shot FEELS like, enabling even beginners to grasp the proper motion concept. With Top Swing, students can feel and execute a perfect swing while advanced golfers and professionals can work on their shot and clinically measure what's happening each and every swing. Read More
November 20, 2004 P3ProSwing is a golf simulation and swing analyser aimed at giving amateurs easy access to detailed information on their swing characteristics using an existing PC. The system tracks nearly a dozen key swing characteristics, including club speed, swing tempo, attack angle, face angle, swing path and toe and heel heights. Each swing is displayed on the computer's monitor, allowing golfers to view see dramatic virtual views of the ball's 'flight' and a recently introduced projection screen system also enables the set up of a complete indoor virtual golf system. Read More
After an average year by his standards - he won two of four Majors and five events total in 2002 - Tiger Woods has made the change to Nike Blade Forged Irons. Golf is a sport of subtleties and changing clubs isn't as easy as changing shoes... Read More
Finish company Suunto has released a golf watch which measures and processes data collected by its wearer, such as shot distance and score, and can suggest club selection too. All shot measurements and data collected on course can be downloaded to a home computer for analysis and storage, and historical data can be uploaded to the watch when playing specific courses Read More