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Geneva Motor Show 2011

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Nissan shows ultra-frugal Micra DIG-S (Direct Injection Gasoline - Supercharger)

By - February 18, 2011 6 Pictures
While electric, hybrid and diesel power trains have been grabbing headlines in recent times, work continues unabated on the good ol’ gasoline internal combustion engine and some significant headway has been realized with the news of a new Nissan Micra which will run a supercharged, direct injection 1.2 liter power-plant. The lightweight, low-friction, three-cylinder engine emits just 95g/km, produces 72kW (98PS) and 142Nm, and delivers combined cycle fuel economy figures of a staggering 68.9mpg. The car will debut in Geneva, will be available in both manual and CVT transmissions and will have a healthy top speed of 112mph. Read More
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Porsche Panamera S hybrid - the most economical Porsche of all time

By - February 17, 2011 7 Pictures
Porsche added another hybrid to its range overnight. The new four-seat Panamera S Hybrid shares the power train (3.0-litre supercharged 245 kW V6 plus a 34 kW electric motor) of the Cayenne S Hybrid, offers a best case fuel consumption of 6.8 l/100 km (NEDC), CO2 emissions of 159 g/km and claims the mantle of the most economical Porsche of all time thanks to the aerodynamic advantage it has over the Cayenne. That’s also streets ahead of any other hybrid production vehicle in the luxury car class yet it still delivers Porsche acceleration all the way to its 168 mph top speed. Read More
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Rinspeed concept BamBoo beckons beach-goers

By - February 16, 2011 53 Pictures
The Geneva Motor Show constantly tosses up innovative automotive concepts and this year’s event is shaping-up to be no different. One example which we are certainly looking forward to seeing in the flesh is Rinspeed's retro take on the modern EV – the Rinspeed BamBoo. The company has released more pics and details ahead of the debut, so lets take a closer look at what's in store. Read More
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Bentley World Speed Record skating on thin ice (literally)

By - February 15, 2011 9 Pictures
Definitely in the “don’t try this at home” category is Juha Kankkunen’s new 205.48 mph (330.695 km/h) world speed record for driving on ice. Kankkunen drove the world’s fastest soft top, an all-wheel drive, 6-litre, 12-cylinder Continental Supersports convertible running on biofuel to capture the record on the frozen waters of the Baltic Sea, off the coast of Finland. Kankkunen bettered his own 2007 world ice speed record of 199.83 mph (321.6 km/h) set in the Continental GT at the same location. Not surprisingly, the challenges of driving on a 16.5km track of frozen ocean are many - temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees, sudden snow blizzards and potentially dangerous crosswinds not to mention the frailties of the 70cm-thick layer of sea ice. Read More
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Toyota to show electric IQ with 65 mile range in Geneva ahead of 2012 launch

By - February 15, 2011 4 Pictures
Toyota will show a fully-electric IQ prototype at the Geneva Motor Show on March 1, offering an extremely compact four-seater with a range of 65 miles. The prototype is based on the current IQ model and features a single electric motor driving the front wheels, powered by a newly developed, flat and compact lithium-ion battery which is located beneath the floor without compromising loadspace or passenger accommodation. The drivetrain adapted from Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive technology. Read More
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700 bhp Gumpert Tornante Fast Tourer

By - February 11, 2011 1 Picture
The performance of Gumpert's Apollo places it among the supercar elite, with its recent Nurburgring Nordschleife lap record for road legal cars further emphasizing those credentials. Now the German manufacturer is to add a second model in 2012 which it claims will create a new class of "Fast Tourers" with attributes of superior efficiency, performance, space, comfort and pleasure. Though Ferrari, Bentley, Porsche et al probably consider such a class already exists, it'll be interesting to see what gets unveiled at Geneva in a few weeks from now. The first image of the 700 bhp central-engined V8 Tornante was released today, so it's probably worth summarizing what we know already ... Read More
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BMW Vision ConnectedDrive concept: the car as a fully integrated part of the networked world

By - February 10, 2011 41 Pictures
Like every other object in the world, the car is about to become networked. A glimpse into the automotive benefits of our networked future will be on show at the Geneva Motor Show next month when BMW shows its Vision ConnectedDrive concept car. The concept study, in a two-seat roadster guise, presents the automobile as a fully integrated part of the networked world in both its design and technological innovations. It is with this concept that BMW presents the potential of current and future in-car technology for optimizing comfort, safety and infotainment. Read More
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Renault CAPTUR: sporty adventure crossover concept

By - February 10, 2011 6 Pictures
Renault's recently reworked brand identity “puts people at the forefront” while the resultant design strategy bases each new concept car on a different phase of the human life cycle. The first such concept was the DeZir coupé shown at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, which expressed the passion of "falling in love." The second concept in the series was unveiled today ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, representing the next phase of “two people exploring the world around them together." Apart from the crock of marketing soup, the rather appropriately named CAPTUR is quite interesting technically, with a clever mechanical self-locking differential and an augmented reality system. Read More
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Nissan to show production-ready ESFLOW electric sports car in Geneva

By - February 9, 2011 12 Pictures
With a track record including the time-honored Z series and the extraordinary GT-R supercar, Nissan’s credentials for producing affordable sports car exotica is without equal – which makes the company’s latest showing even more exciting. Nissan will use the Geneva Motor Show to debut an electric sports car based closely on technology pioneered in the production Nissan LEAF. The ESFLOW is a two-seater with its two electric motors each driving a rear wheel. It will hit 100km/h in under five seconds and run 240kms between powerpoints. Read More
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One million euro Pagani Huayra Supercar to have active aerodynamics

By - February 4, 2011 34 Pictures
The Zonda supercar established Pagani in the elite category of supercar manufacturers, so much has been expected of its successor, which we now know as the Huayra. Named appropriately after a South American God of the Wind, the Huayra will be shown to the public for the first time in Geneva a month from now. Only 20 of the gull-winged Huayras will be made per year, each costing one million euro with its main distinguishing features being a very light carbon titanium monocoque, 700 bhp, 1000 Nm twin-turbo mid-engined V12 and movable rear wing and four adjustable flaps constituting the most extensive active aerodynamic package yet to head for production. Though response to the car’s appearance is mixed, a photoshopped mock-up of a Huayra Spyder indicates the 230 mph supercar will be even better looking without a roof. Read More

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