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The Sealys e-health terminal

Perhaps a glimpse of the near future of digital health care globally, Gemalto has commercially launched its Sealys e-health terminal, specially designed for the progressive German market, and a significant development on its previous GCR 550 health card reader. The new unit has been developed to incorporate the latest technological advances requested by German health professionals and includes access to the patient’s electronic medical file and emergency data such as blood group, allergies and ongoing treatment records. Doctors will also be able to issue electronic prescriptions that facilitate data exchange with pharmacists and reduce fraud, while eliminating paperwork. The Gemalto terminal offers optional connection of biometric and contactless devices, allowing doctors to sign e-prescriptions using their fingerprint or any contactless device.  Read More

Gemalto introduces credit card-sized reader for online banking

Digital security provider Gemalto has unveiled the Ezio Thin Reader, a credit card-sized authentication device for online banking, e-commerce, phone banking and other e-banking transactions that prevents the user from having to type their PIN on the vulnerable environment of a workstation keyboard.  Read More

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