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— Health and Wellbeing

MisterBrightLight standing desk knows when to get you out of your seat

By - December 3, 2014 2 Pictures
We've kept a pretty keen eye on the standing desk movement here at Gizmag. After all, us writers can spend fair chunks of time on our backsides. The team behind MisterBrightLight is the latest to take a stand on the stubborn nature of standard office furniture, launching a smart desk whose height can be adjusted by hand gestures when you've been seated for too long. Read More
— Around The Home

Hive-inspired shelving unit promises tool-free assembly and added strength

By - November 9, 2014 16 Pictures
Everybody loves the idea of flat-pack furniture arriving and not having to dig around for hex keys and tubes of glue to put it together. But this tool-free approach can also call into question the stability of the piece. Israeli industrial designer Ruthy Shafrir is confident she has arrived at the perfect compromise, with a snap-together shelving unit inspired by the shape of a bee hive. Read More

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