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Fujitsu Siemens GraphicsBooster

Fujitsu Siemens has announced one of the first portable external graphics cards, the GraphicsBooster. Featuring an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3870 graphics card with 512MB dedicated memory and DVI-I and HDMI outputs, it's enough to turn your laptop into a quad-screen-pushing, Crysis-playing beast.  Read More

LifeBook U820 mini notebook

A netbook that combines full-featured PC functionality with voice-prompted GPS navigation, a 16-inch desktop replacement notebook that incorporates a second 4-inch touch screen and a 2.2 pound convertible tablet PC are among the latest mobile computing offerings from Fujitsu.  Read More

Lenovo IdeaPad S10

ExpressCard brings high-bandwidth (2.5Gbps) PCI Express connectivity to laptops, and allows you to connect a range of audio interfaces, hard drives, wireless broadband modems, and (if you buy an adapter) FireWire 800/eSATA devices. So far, three manufacturers have managed to squeeze an ExpressCard/34 port into their 9/10" netbooks, opening up a range of possibilities for the road warrior.  Read More

Fujitsu's washable RFID tags

October 16, 2007 Fujitsu has developed a new way to tag and track rentals and returns of uniforms using radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. Tagfront uses UHF-band washable, soft linen RFID tags built into the uniforms to facilitate batch readings and enable more efficient real-time tracking of clothing inventories.  Read More

FLEPia Ubiquitous Content Browser

October 10, 2007 Fujitsu has displayed the latest incarnation of its electronic paper products at CEATEC in Japan. Having previously unveiled flexible color e-paper, this year the company has changed the form factor into an "e-reader" - a prototype content browser the size of an A5 sheet of paper that’s lightweight, extremely portable and features a high-contrast, easy to read 4,096 color display with very long (up to 50 hours) battery life due to its ability to hold an image once it is displayed without drawing on any power.  Read More

Fujitsu and Advantest JV to create 65nm process semiconductor prototypes using Electron Be...

September 15, 2006 Fujitsu and Advantest today announced plans to establish a joint venture to create prototype semiconductors by using electron beam direct lithography, a technology that combines 65 nanometer (nm) and 45nm semiconductor process technologies with electron beam exposure systems. Using technologies it develops, in fiscal 2007 the joint venture plans to provide customers with 65nm process prototype services (shuttle services) as a new development environment, and make the environment suitable for 45nm process technologies in the future.  Read More

Fujitsu introduces 2.5 inch HDD featuring perpendicular magnetic recording

August 30, 2006 The burgeoning popularity of audiovisual-oriented PCs and increasing use of HDDs in various consumer electronics products is expected to drive further growth in the HDD market along with demand for ever-larger capacity. Continuing to cater for the world’s thirst for storage, Fujitsu has announced a new series of hard disk drives (HDDs) for mobile PCs, its first 2.5" HDD offerings to incorporate advanced perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology for enhanced storage capacity. Two new models, the 160GB MHW2160BH (which boasts the industry's highest storage capacity for a 5,400 rpm HDD), and the 80GB MHW2080BH, will go on sale worldwide from October.  Read More

Fujitsu phone and PC concepts unveiled in Milan

April 5, 2006 The Good Design Award 50 Years exhibition is currently on display at La Triennale di Milano (Milan, Italy) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Japan's foremost design awards, the Good Design Awards (also called the G-Mark system). One of the highlights of the exhibition which features 20 of Japan’s best known industrial design brand names, is a display of concept phones and computers from Fujitsu. It’s strange that we should be given such an insight into the direction of a Japanese computer company through a design exhibition in Milan, but the thrust of the message is that Fujitsu is clearly focussing on clever design to offer smaller yet fully functional devices. Two “slider” mobile phones are on display, one which incorporates a complete keyboard and large web interface screen and the other, known as a Multi Slider, offers differing functionality depending on the direction of the slide. There’s also an ultramobile PC with a clever fold-up keyboard and a beautiful flexible PC which can be set up as a tablet computer, a laptop, or a desktop computer.  Read More

Fujitsu launches compact Palm Vein Biometric Authentication Device

March 12, 2006 Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Laboratories Limited has announced the joint development and commercial introduction of a significantly more compact and higher performance model of their original award-winning contactless palm vein biometric authentication device. Targeting a major expansion of its biometric security systems business, Fujitsu will market the new device worldwide under the PalmSecure brand beginning immediately. The new PalmSecure model is being exhibited at CeBIT 2006, being held in Hannover, Germany.  Read More

Fujitsu Server Achieves World Record Performance

February 2, 2006 Fujitsu has announced that its high-end model PRIMEPOWER 2500 server recently achieved a new world record in the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation Java Business Benchmark 2005 (SPECjbb2005), with a performance of 1,157,619 business operations per second. SPECjbb2005 is a benchmark test developed by SPEC to evaluate the performance of servers running Java-based applications. It simulates the processing of actual wholesale industry business tasks, such as ordering, shipping, receipts and payment processing, inventory management and customer data management. Thus, the results can be used as an index of processing performance that reflects real-world business operations.  Read More

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