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Subaru begins production on BRZ and Toyota GT 86 sports cars

By - March 19, 2012 19 Pictures
More than six years ago, Subaru and Toyota entered into a cooperative agreement. In 2009, that relationship bore its first concept - the Toyota FT-86. Both automakers showed the production versions of their respective sports coupes last year, and Subaru has officially kicked off production on the models. In about two more months, car buyers will be able to get their hands on them. Read More
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Subaru develops advanced stereoscopic vision system for cars

By - April 22, 2010 2 Pictures
Driving is a sight-response game and as the line between robots and cars begins to blur, cars will develop ever more advanced vision systems. Subaru began fitting a stereoscopic “EyeSight” system to some Japanese market cars nearly two years ago and has just announced a major upgrade. It's reportedly a major improvement, but it's worth thinking about the issues associated with becoming reliant upon systems which take over the responsibility for driving your car. Read More
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Companies join forces to standardize charging infrastructure

By - March 18, 2010 3 Pictures
One of the criticisms often levied at the drive to get electrically-powered vehicles from the fringe into the mainstream is the current lack of a network of charging stations. Four car manufacturing giants have teamed up with a utility service provider to tackle this problem head on. The newly formed CHAdeMO Association is not only calling for a standard method for charging electric vehicles to be adopted but is also hoping to add some much-needed momentum to the global installation of fast charging solutions. Read More

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