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Fuel efficiency

— Automotive

New tech, similar face for new lightweight Audi A4

By - June 30, 2015 30 Pictures

It might look like all the other Audis that have been launched in the past few years, but you're staring at the brand-new, totally redesigned A4. Wider and longer than the car it replaces, the new A4 is a technological showpiece that takes advantage of autonomous driving tech and a lightweight construction to save fuel and improve performance. The A4 will also be aiming to continue Audi's reputation for crafting beautiful, bulletproof cabins by combining high-tech infotainment interfaces with high-quality materials and slick design.

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— Aircraft

Lotus leaf-inspired aircraft wing coating may repel bugs to ease fuel consumption

By - June 2, 2015 1 Picture

Splattered insects may seem like the least of your worries when you're tearing through the air at more than 500 mph (800 km/h), but for those working with Boeing's ecoDemonstrator 757 they present a pretty unique opportunity. NASA has carried out testing of a series of non-stick coatings on the aircraft's wings, finding that one inspired by lotus leaves showed good potential to shrug off blasts of bug guts to lessen drag and, by extension, ease the consumption of fuel.

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— Motorcycles

Honda's Bulldog 400 concept: The tough small-capacity tourer for the masses

By - April 13, 2015 12 Pictures
Honda displayed a new and very practical small-capacity adventure bike named the Bulldog last week at the 42nd Tokyo Motorcycle Show in Japan, using its recently adopted modular engineering concept to adapt the CB500 into its most practical form yet. With a seat height of just 730 mm, lots of crash protection, 93 miles per gallon and Honda reliability, it makes a lot of sense as an overland transport option for the 75 percent of the world's population below 172 cm in height. It's a wonder someone didn't think of this before. Read More
— Automotive

Freightliner SuperTruck shows other transport trucks how efficiency is done

By - April 6, 2015 3 Pictures
Back in 2009, the US Department of Energy issued its SuperTruck Challenge. The program provided funding for truck manufacturers to design and build a prototype vehicle that was at least 50 percent more freight-efficient than a baseline 2009 truck. Daimler Trucks North America recently unveiled its response – the Freightliner SuperTruck. It goes beyond the 50 percent figure, with a claimed efficiency increase of 115 percent. Read More

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