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Ford's Active Park Assist system - click to enlarge

Ford is introducing a new Active Park Assist technology on its 2010 Lincoln MKS flagship sedan and new Lincoln MKT seven-passenger luxury crossover. Available in mid-2009 as an option, Active Park Assist uses an ultrasonic-based sensing system and Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) to position the vehicle for parallel parking, calculate the optimal steering angle and quickly steer the vehicle into a parking spot. As described in the technical review of the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, the EPAS system utilizes a steering column mounted electric motor that provides steering power assistance on demand and typically consumes less than 7% of the energy of a conventional hydraulic rack and pinion power steering system.  Read More

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid includes some significant advances in mass production hybrid automotive technology. Although details released by Ford are technically incomplete many of the features announced to date point to the Fusion being the first to market with a second-generation parallel hybrid.  Read More

The Caterham R300.

British lightweight sportscar manufacturer Caterham has released details of a new addition to its ‘Superlight’ family. The new Superlight R300 is an update the previous R300, which was originally launched in 2002 and fitted with a Rover engine. The new model offers chassis developments and increased engine performance that see the R300 go from 0-to-60mph in 4.5 seconds courtesy of a new 2.0-litre Ford Duratec engine, tuned by Caterham Powertrain (CPT) to deliver 175bhp. The latest 515kg interpretation of Colin Chapman’s ‘lightweight minimalist’ philosophy balances power and chassis to deliver an impressive 339bhp-per-tonne.  Read More

Road Mice

If hot-rod screen-savers just aren't enough to satisfy your automotive-obsession while perched in front of the computer, it might be time to branch out into peripherals. The new Road Mice series from Four Door Media is range of a wireless car-shaped computer mice (complete with working headlights) officially licensed by some well-known auto manufacturers, including Corvette, Chevrolet and Ford.  Read More

The Roush modified Transit Van.

November 4, 2008 One of the hurdles of cleaning up vehicle emissions is the need for drivers to buy a completely new environmentally friendly vehicle - not exactly a feasible option for most people. Systems like the latest bi-fuel Internal Combustion Engine conversion from Roush Technologies could provide that vital stepping stone between petrol and hydrogen fueled vehicles. To demonstrate the technology, the company has modified the engine of a Ford Transit-based vehicle to operate using compressed hydrogen gas fuel – but it can also operate from its existing petrol fueled system without any adverse effects.  Read More

Ford Kuga gets clever rear-view camera

Tailgate mounted cameras are nothing new, but Ford’s new miniature rear-view camera system is enhanced by a very simple idea. Two yellow lines indicating the total width of the vehicle including mirrors are superimposed onto the camera image while a third line marks the vehicle’s center line. The lines move to show the path of the vehicle based on the current steering angle and, while the two lines indicating the width of the vehicle help drivers reverse safely and accurately, the third center line assists in lining up a tow hook with a caravan or trailer.  Read More

The winning entry - the Model T for the year 2015

A century after the Model T put the world on wheels, Ford Motor Company has announced the winners of a global competition that challenged five universities to create a similarly revolutionary vehicle concept. The winner of the competition was Germany’s Aachen University's Institute of Automotive Engineering (ika), which took home the USD$25,000 in scholarship funds by developing a concept that met the requirements set by Ford: the vehicle had to be simple, lightweight, practical, and durable, offer a range of at least 125 miles, accommodate at least two passengers and be priced no more than $7,000.  Read More

Ford MyKey lets parents set the maximum speed of their kid’s car

Ford Motor Company has announced a new safety feature to be added to its vehicles that will help parents encourage young drivers to be more responsible on the road. MyKey aims to promote safe driving, particularly amongst teens, by encouraging seat belt use, limiting speed and reducing distractions.  Read More

1929 Ford 4-AT-E Tri-Motor airplane

This rare 1929 Ford 4-AT-E Tri-Motor airplane is set to be auctioned in a No Reserve sale by the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company in January 2009. Recently restored to its original specifications, the plane has a fascinating history, having survived bullet fire during the World War II attack at Pearl Harbor.  Read More

The world's fastest Ford GT: up for sale on eBay.

August 19, 2008 Packing over 1000 horsepower after its GT1000 twin turbo upgrade, and with an eye-watering measured top speed of 235.4mph (378kph) that it can reach in less than 2 miles of straight road, this 2005 Ford GT has been given the full treatment by the high-velocity tuning gods at Hennessey Performance Engineering. Now it's up for sale on eBay - for the price of a small house.  Read More

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