Trick Kick – like foosball with real people

Can't get your proper fill of football (or, if your prefer, soccer) by living vicariously through the Ronaldos and Messis of the world? Consider table foosball frat boy play? Perhaps the new Trick Kick mini soccer game will do the ... trick. Billed as the world's one and only original indoor mini kick soccer game, Trick Kick provides a new way of experiencing the world's most popular sport.Read More

Teckell's designer foosball coffee table

For a coffee table with attitude, look no further than Adriano Designs' Intervallo by Teckell. If you like the idea of having your coffee table do double-duty as a foosball machine, the intervallo is for you. If you just want the most beautiful foosball machine available, then might we suggest the limited edition, crystal and aluminium Cristallino Gold LE, the gold-plated star of a range of designer foosball machines that are exquisite office and den amusements but not for the feint of wallet.Read More


Man vs Machine foosball

Up until now foosball aficionados have had to find another living, breathing human being to engage in rod spinning combat. Not anymore, thanks to a highly competitive automated foosball table capable kicking human opposition ‘off the park’. Read More

Home Entertainment

KiRo- The autonomous table soccer player.

Meet KiRo- the completely autonomous table soccer playing robot that rivals all but the most nimble foosball freaks. KiRo was developed at the institute for computer science at the University of Freiburg in Germany and was conceived for the purposes of research into the foundations of robotics and artificial intelligence (nice excuse guys). KiRo is capable of playing table soccer on a competitive level through a combination of various technologies built around a commercially available table soccer table. It consists of four individually mountable custom made control units, a safety light grid, a camera overlooking the table and a standard personal computer. Using the camera it perceives the playing field and depending upon the current game situation, it decides how the rods under its control should be moved. Read More


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