Tiny Houses

Tiny German apartment makes clever use of space

Whoever said "size doesn't matter" clearly wasn't an architect, because trying to fit an apartment into a 21 sq m (226 sq ft) room is no mean feat. That's exactly what Berlin-based architecture and design studio Spamroom has done through clever use of available vertical space and a multi-purpose central unit.Read More


Flat batteries could improve performance and lower cost of energy storage

In the continuing search for ever more efficient and cheaper batteries, researchers at the Department of Energy’s (DoE) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have managed to increase the performance of sodium-nickel chloride batteries in an interesting way – flattening them. No, not running them down until they’re out of juice, but rather replacing their typical cylindrical shape with a flat disc design. The redesign allows the battery to deliver 30 percent more power at lower temperatures, making them a viable alternative to lithium-ion batteries.Read More

Home Entertainment

Fraunhofer slims down its ultra flat loudspeakers to less than one inch

It seems the world has become obsessed with ‘skinny’ – watch your diet, exercise more and aspire to be ‘model thin’. But skinny isn't always better when it comes to speakers – good sound reproduction needs room to vibrate. However, at IFA, Fraunhofer scientists (in cooperation with Sennheiser electronic) presented a completely new concept for ultra-flat loudspeakers that still deliver full sound reproduction. What’s more, these speakers can be integrated inconspicuously on walls or in furniture because they're only 24mm thick (0.94-inch). Read More


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