Polar A360 fitness tracker packs color touchscreen and optical heart rate monitor

Finnish company Polar has been in the health monitoring game for over 30 years and launched the world's first wearable wireless heart monitor in 1982. Since then, the market has been flooded with wearable devices designed to track and motivate the fitness training efforts of professionals and amateurs alike. With the new A360 fitness tracker, Polar has added a splash of color to a device designed to offer convenient wrist-based heart rate monitoring and smartwatch-like notifications.Read More

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Lumo smart shorts offer real-time feedback on your jogging technique

While they do a fine job of keeping our dignity intact, the waistbands in our running shorts harbor more potential in the eyes of California-based Lumo. The wearables company believes there's some useful data to be gleaned by tracking movement in our hips and pelvis. Its Lumo Run smart shorts feature an array of sensors that tracks things like stride length, bounce and number of steps as you put one foot after the other, offering real-time advice on overall jogging performance and injury prevention. Read More


Moxy Sensor monitors muscle blood oxygen levels while you workout

Dizziness and severe shortage of breath is a pretty sure sign of overexertion, but sometimes you won't know you've pushed yourself too far until you're hunched over the park bench gasping for air. The stick-on Moxy Monitor is designed to give athletes a window into how their body is performing during a workout, by tracking blood oxygen levels in their muscles in real time and displaying this along with other fitness data in third party apps and devices.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Freewheel brings fitness tracking to the wheelchair

With a history of producing quirky research projects like a shopping cart that follows you around the store and a stun gun wielding drone, it's no surprise that creative tech studio Chaotic Moon has applied its left-field thinking to fitness tracking. Its Freewheel wheelchair is aimed at keeping tabs on user's physical activity, with the company even claiming the data it collects could one be used to for better detailed mapping. Read More


Caron Bicycle can be pedaled six ways

Riding a bike is definitely a good source of exercise, although it does tend to work out the same muscles in the same fashion, over and over. In an effort to remedy that, the Caron Bicycle was created. It can be pedaled in six different ways, all of which still move the thing forward.Read More


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