Mio’s Slice activity tracker takes the focus away from counting steps

Many activity trackers give you a step target to walk towards, or an active minute target to count down each day, but while these metrics are easy to understand, they're often not the best measure of fitness or exercise. Along with its new Slice activity tracker, Mio is launching a new Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) system. This new metric gives you a score to reflect your body's response to exercise based on your heart rate.Read More


Icaros fitness machine powers your workouts with virtual reality

Munich-based startup Icaros GmbH has a new way to motivate people to exercise more. Its somewhat intimidating fitness system blends the physical world with the virtual world, making you the protagonist of your own video game while working key muscles up and down your body. The company hopes the system will motivate folks that have come to avoid the gym like it's radioactive. Gimmick or a viable modern spin on exercise?
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This strap Shifts your smartwatch's viewing angle for workouts

One of the key reasons to own a smartwatch is its use as a fitness tracker. From the Apple Watch to the Moto 360 (and everything in-between), smartwatches come with a range of neat tricks designed to help you train and track your fitness levels. There's just one problem: your wrist isn't necessarily the best place to wear a smartwatch when you're training. Shift is a (currently crowdfunding) attempt to fix that.Read More


Best fitness trackers of 2015: Buying guide

Whether you want to get fitter, lose weight, or just monitor your activity levels, a fitness tracker can be a great starting point, but picking the right one can be difficult. Here Gizmag looks at the things to consider when selecting the right tracker for you, and runs through our selection of the best fitness trackers available in 2015.Read More


Misfit Shine 2 functions both as an activity tracker and remote control

The Misfit Shine is a simple, stylish activity tracker and sleep monitor that began as an ambitious Indiegogo campaign but grew into a full line of workout trackers that manage to compete in a crowded field that includes devices like the Fitbit Charge HR and Jawbone UP3. On Tuesday, Misfit announced the second generation with the Misfit Shine 2, which gets some basic upgrades and also now functions as a remote control of sorts for your life.Read More


Polar A360 fitness tracker packs color touchscreen and optical heart rate monitor

Finnish company Polar has been in the health monitoring game for over 30 years and launched the world's first wearable wireless heart monitor in 1982. Since then, the market has been flooded with wearable devices designed to track and motivate the fitness training efforts of professionals and amateurs alike. With the new A360 fitness tracker, Polar has added a splash of color to a device designed to offer convenient wrist-based heart rate monitoring and smartwatch-like notifications.Read More

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Lumo smart shorts offer real-time feedback on your jogging technique

While they do a fine job of keeping our dignity intact, the waistbands in our running shorts harbor more potential in the eyes of California-based Lumo. The wearables company believes there's some useful data to be gleaned by tracking movement in our hips and pelvis. Its Lumo Run smart shorts feature an array of sensors that tracks things like stride length, bounce and number of steps as you put one foot after the other, offering real-time advice on overall jogging performance and injury prevention. Read More


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