GoBoat folds away for space-poor fishermen

For amateur fishermen, there's nothing like getting out of town and casting a line. But it can be tough to find space for your own boat if you live in an urban area, and not everyone is able to hitch up a trailer whenever the urge strikes them. GoBoat aims to solve these problems with a stable fishing boat that collapses to save space. Read More


How infecting carp with herpes can help save dying river systems

When carp were first introduced into Australia in the mid-19th century, acclimatizing settlers hoped the freshwater fish would bring a taste of home to their food and recreational activity down under. Today, these pests are running riot across the country's waterways, seriously compromising the health of its rivers and native species. The Australian government is now moving to cut populations through the controlled release of carp-specific herpes virus, which it says is capable of killing individual fish off within 24 hours. Read More


Satellites reveal El Niño's impact

Data from NASA satellites is being used to help scientists analyze how El Niño – a natural, regularly-occurring event that sees large volumes of warm water move through the Pacific Ocean – is affecting a population of tiny ocean plants. A decline in the number of these plants can cause big disruptions to coastal fishing industries.Read More


Connected fishing rods ping your phone when you've got a bite

Some anglers are more attentive than others when it comes to monitoring their lines, but all feel the disappointment of an opportunity gone begging. Seattle-based startup FishSentry has developed a set of connected fishing rods designed to make reeling in the big one a more frequent event by nudging the user's mobile device when there's a nibble on the end.Read More


Zombait brings new "life" to dead bait fish

When it comes to angling for big predatory fish, live bait is almost always the best way to go. Those bait fish must be caught and kept in a special "live well" aboard the boat, however, plus they'll inevitably tire out after spending much time at the end of the line. That's why Boston-based Magurobotics created the Zombait – it's a vaguely creepy device that makes dead bait fish move as if they're still alive.Read More


Throwable sound-emitting device to draw fish to your line

Rightly or wrongly, technology has made the sport of fishing less of a guessing game and more like shooting the proverbial gill-bearing creatures in a barrel. Smartphone-connected fish finders and even waterproof drones that will land your lure in their midst are a couple of recent examples, and now a new device is designed to make things even easier. The Fish Call works by mimicking the sounds of feeding fish and is claimed to draw in species of all kinds.Read More


Ice-fishing go-kart borrows the motor of its user's ice auger

Dedicated winter anglers will travel long distances across frozen lakes, in order to reach prime ice-fishing spots. While many of these fishermen use a snowmobile to do so, such vehicles can cost US$10,000 or more to buy new. Wisconsin-based sportsman Adam Ford, however, has come up with an alternative. He's created an ice-going go-kart that utilizes the motor of an ice auger, which the user would be carrying with them anyway. Read More


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