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The toy shop has always been a place of immense fascination for children, but it is increasingly becoming a place where extreme high end electronics experiences are being delivered at mass market price points. Night Vision Goggles, f'rinstance, were until recently the exclusive domain of well-funded Special Ops teams, but are now available for USD80 in the local toy store, with Night Vision Binoculars soon to land at USD60. Similarly, this pocket-sized, EyeClops Mini Projector will be distributed through toy channels and uses LED illumination to project a 70 inch screen from almost any multi-media device. The battery-powered (or mains) projector has built-in speakers and a recommended retail of USD100. Read More
Kids can take hide and seek to all new levels using the EyeClops Night Vision Infrared stealth goggles. Based on real US military-style Infrared illumination technology coupled with an LCD monocle, the goggles promise clear visibility up to 15m (around 50ft), even in absolute darkness. Read More