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Canon Wonder Camera Concept displayed at World Expo 2010

One of the more remarkable technological innovations amongst hundreds currently on display at World Expo 2010 in Shanghai can be found in the Japanese Pavilion where major sponsors Canon, Panasonic and Toyota are all showing their visions of the future. Most of it we’ve seen before, but Canon’s “Wonder Camera Concept” is entirely new – it’s the camera of the future as visualized twenty years hence by the world’s largest camera company and it is incredibly thought-provoking.  Read More

The conceptual 'Fluid - Amphibian Pavilion', a futuristic transportable building that can ...

A futuristic adaptable living building called “Fluid – Amphibian Pavilion” has been proposed by architects Peddle Thorp as an exhibition center for the World Expo 2012 to be held in Yeosu, Korea. Apart from its unique design, the building has a low impact on the environment because, when the Expo finishes, this floating exhibition space can be “unhooked” and sailed away to its next location.  Read More

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