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Action Mobil introduces (still huge) entry-level Pure off-road motorhomes

By - June 1, 2015 24 Pictures

It would seem that the tiny market for giant, world-traveling expedition vehicles is growing a little less tiny. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking on the part of industry businesses. At the Overland Expo, the United States' premier show for such vehicles, manufacturers like EarthRoamer and EarthCruiser reached out to new demographics with brand-new models. At least one manufacturer will be doing the same at this week's Abenteuer und Allrad (Adventure and All-Wheel) show in Germany. Just a few months after showing the near-seven-figure Global XRS 7200, Action Mobil is now going after a different (still well-heeled) buyer with its entry-level Pure series.

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EarthRoamer reveals its largest off-road expedition vehicle yet

By - May 28, 2015 19 Pictures

“That’s cool, but you’re never going to sell one.” It’s a sentiment that EarthRoamer, builder of some of the world's toughest off-road expedition vehicles, has heard many times over the 12 years it's been rolling product out. But it has sold them, 150 of them, in fact. The company is so confident that it will keep selling them that it is now working on an even larger, more expensive 4x4 motorhome. We previously took a look at the basic specs of the all-new XV-HD expedition vehicle, and after traveling to Overland Expo, we have a few more details about this beastly build, including its near-seven figure price tag.

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720-hp Global XRS 7200 6x6 expedition vehicle thunders into view

By - September 12, 2014 40 Pictures
If the Earthroamer XV-LTS and Mercedes Zetros don't quite reach the level of luxury-meets-off-road-fortitude you're looking for, may we suggest the Action Mobil Global XRS 7200. This large expedition vehicle combines six driven wheels of off-road fury with a luxuriously appointed living pod that has the look of a chic city apartment. It brings comfort and style to the farthest stretches of desert, highest reaches of mountains and deepest sections of jungle. And it costs several times the average stationary home. Read More
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Earthwatch Institute plans public expedition to Mars?

By - March 27, 2014 3 Pictures
For over forty years, Earthwatch has been sending ordinary people to extraordinary places in the company of top scientists to conduct hands-on research in over 50 expeditions. On Thursday, the international nonprofit organization announced its most ambitious and extraordinary public expedition ever aimed at sending volunteers to Mars in search for water and life. With its US$1.25 million ticket price, it seems too good to be true, and probably is. Read More
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In two weeks, Mars One receives over 78,000 applications for one-way trip to Mars

By - May 8, 2013 7 Pictures
Despite the one-way nature of the trip, it seems there’s no shortage of people willing to pack their bags and experience life on Mars. Just two weeks after putting out the call for potential Mars settlers, Mars One had received over 78,000 applications from people in over 120 countries. With the application period set to last 19 weeks, the Mars One selection committees face a daunting task in whittling the numbers down to the four individuals that will ultimately make the journey that is planned for September 2022. Read More

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