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Casio releases tiny 12-megapixel compact

September 4, 2007 In years gone by, we wondered what we were going to do with the huge amounts of data from our decadent five and seven-megapixel digital compact cameras. At such a minute level of detail, surely the megapixel war was over in the compact digital market. Nobody told Casio though, with their latest Exilim release packing a colossal 12-megapixel image sensor. Each shot at the EX-Z1200’s highest setting now takes up nearly 8mb of card storage, and you’ll now need a 4000x3000 pixel monitor if you want to display your holiday snaps at full resolution.  Read More

New Casio EXILIM digital cameras tailored for YouTube capture

July 19, 2007 Casio's latest EXILIM Digital Camera release is embracing the widespread penetration of the Youtube phenomenon by including YouTube capture mode software for recording, storing and uploading video. Following a trend already apparent in recent product releases from Apple and LG, the new EX-S880 and EX-Z77 facilitate multiple movie uploads directly to YouTube and other video sharing web sites as well as adding optimization for eBay photos and enhanced blur reduction and face recognition capacity.  Read More

Casio Announces the 7 Megapixel PRO EX-P700

November 23, 2004 Casio has added the 7.2 megapixel EXILIM PRO EX-P700 to its range of ultra-compact, high-performance digital cameras. Squeezing in a 2.0-inch LCD screen, 4X optical zoom and an exceptionally fast 0.01 second release time lag, the EX-P700 is due for release in January 2005 for US $600. Following in the footsteps of the EX-P600, the EX-P700 offers an impressive, flexible package. Featuring a 4X optical zoom (coupled with 4X digital zoom), a large 2.0-inch LCD screen, 7.2 million megapixel CCD and fast-response, the camera offers enhanced performance from the same body size as its predecessor.  Read More

Casio's Latest Edition To The QV Range.

October 10, 2004 Its dimensions are a tiny 88.3(W) x 60.4(H) x 33.4(D) mm but the new Casio QV-R61 also takes six megapixel shots, making it a powerful but compact camera for discerning users. As an entry level model it boasts a 2-inch LCD screen, 3 x optical zoom as well as a help function that provides pop-ups to provide explanations of different icons. All this is wrapped up in a sleek aluminium body.  Read More

Casio ceramics makes world's smallest optical zoom camera

Casio has announced the release of the world's smallest digital camera with an optical zoom (2.8X), the EXILIM CARD EX-S100. The camera and its lens owe their exceptionally compact packaging to another world's first - the application of ceramic lens technology providing a great advance in optical quality with even greater strength than glass. The EX-S100 will be available in October 2004 at an RRP of US$400.  Read More


The latest addition to Casio's EXILIM range of ultra-compact digital cameras - the EX-Z3 - represents a significant performance boost on previous models. With a 3.2 megapixel CCD (compared to the 1.24 and 2.0 megapixel EXILIM cameras introduced in 2002), a 3X optical zoom lens and enlarged LCD monitor...  Read More


At just 11.3 mm thick, 88 mm wide and 55 mm high, and weighing in at only 86g - not counting the battery and memory card - the Casio EXILIM is the world's smallest and lightest digital camera. If you manage not to lose this tiny point and shoot - hold a few credit cards back to back and you'll get a feel for the size - it will produce images of 1.31 million pixels with up to 4X digital zoom.  Read More

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