This strap Shifts your smartwatch's viewing angle for workouts

One of the key reasons to own a smartwatch is its use as a fitness tracker. From the Apple Watch to the Moto 360 (and everything in-between), smartwatches come with a range of neat tricks designed to help you train and track your fitness levels. There's just one problem: your wrist isn't necessarily the best place to wear a smartwatch when you're training. Shift is a (currently crowdfunding) attempt to fix that.Read More


Combat+ Sync wireless headphones also work as two-way radios

When it comes to exercise or physical activity, some people prefer solitude to do their own thing. For many others, these experiences are enhanced by including music and/or friends. Soul Electronics has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new product that caters to such people by combining wireless audio and personal communication. The Combat+ Sync headphones allows users to enjoy music and talk to each other through built-in walkie-talkies.Read More


Caron Bicycle can be pedaled six ways

Riding a bike is definitely a good source of exercise, although it does tend to work out the same muscles in the same fashion, over and over. In an effort to remedy that, the Caron Bicycle was created. It can be pedaled in six different ways, all of which still move the thing forward.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

"Compound 14" mimics the effects of exercise without setting foot in the gym

Enjoying the health benefits of a back-breaking workout without actually working out sure is a tantalizing prospect. This goes a long way to explaining the torrent of exercise equipment that promises to do more for our figures with less of our sweat and tears, and recently, the development of drugs that could imitate the beneficial effects of exercise. The latest advance in this area is the development of a molecule that mimics the effects of exercise by influencing the metabolic process, giving it the potential to treat type 2 diabetes and obesity.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

TheraTryke combines upper and lower body exercise for paraplegics

After taking a look at the Jet Blade hydroplaning watercraft last week, we were alerted to another senior design project from Calvin College, Michigan. A different group of students has designed and prototyped a device they're calling the TheraTryke. Aimed at those with MS, spinal cord injuries, or complete paraplegics, it lets riders use their hands, feet or a combination of both together to propel themselves forward.Read More

Wearables Review

Review: Basis Peak fitness and sleep tracker

The Basis Peak is a wrist-worn fitness tracker which is jam-packed with sensors to monitor an array of information about your body and activity. It also automatically detects whether you're walking, running, cycling or sleeping, and can deliver smartphone notifications to your wrist. Gizmag recently spent a bit of time with the fitness tracker to see how well it performs, and how useful all of that information really is.Read More

Good Thinking

Automated treadmill adjusts to its user's running speed

People running outdoors speed up and slow down without thinking about it – it just happens. On a treadmill, however, they have to manually adjust the speed of the machine. Perhaps they won't have to for too longer, however. Scientists at The Ohio State University have developed a prototype treadmill that detects when its user's running speed changes, and adjusts its own speed accordingly. Read More


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