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One day virtual reality and exercise bikes could team up to spice up your workout (Origina...

VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and Gear VR are great for gaming and immersive 360-degree videos. But what about exercise? Though the idea isn't without its flaws, virtual reality could one day add an exciting new dimension to stationary workout machines. Gizmag chatted with a researcher in the field (and went for a mind-bending VR spin of our own) to investigate.  Read More

The Peleton bike in use

If people can just exercise at home on stationary bikes, why does anyone even bother going to spin classes? Well, for two main reasons: they get guided through the workout by a fitness expert, and (perhaps more importantly) they receive motivation by being part of a group that’s sharing the same experience at the same time. Now, a New York-based team is developing a product that combines the best of both worlds. The Peleton Bike lets users ride in their own homes, while taking part in a spin class that’s being streamed live to a built-in Android tablet.  Read More

The Jet Bike has a water bottle holder

Relaxation and vigorous exercise rarely coexist, but the FitWet Jet Bike brings them together – sort of. The contraption is a unique piece of exercise equipment that combines a stationary (underwater) bike with a personal jetted tub. Exercise just got a little more attractive.  Read More

The Ciclotte exercise bike

Exercise equipment generally favors function over form, which is why it is often found gathering dust in the basement or under the bed. The Ciclotte stationary bicycle bucks that trend with an elegant design that anyone would be proud to put on display, which should hopefully increase the chances of using it. It's sexy curves aren't surprising as it derives its distinctive look from the Ciclò – a monowheel prototype bike also designed by Luca Schieppati that is now part of Milan’s Triennale Design Museum permanent collection.  Read More

Most sane people would agree that cardiovascular exercise is a pretty boring way to get fit and, unless you’re working out with a friend, a little extra visual stimulation would rarely go amiss. The Nintendo Wii has already had a decent crack at bringing a bit of fun to boring routines with the Wii Fit and EA Sports Active, and seems to have picked up one of the minigames from the latter as the subject of its latest peripheral revolution.  Read More

The step2play and CyberBike promise exercise for overweight children

November 18, 2006 Civilisation has a problem - the number of obese children (Ages 6 to 11) in America has more than doubled, and the number of obese adolescents (Ages 12 to 19) has more than tripled in the last 30 years with both representing more than 15 percent of their respective age group populations. Whatsmore, the number of overweight children represents another 15 percent and growing, so the recent development of a novel way of incorporating exercise into the health regime of children bears some thought. A British children’s fitness specialist has developed Step2Play, a step exercise machine that links directly to a child’s Playstation. A rate of exercise can be set at the start of the child’s game and then as long as the child maintains a constant rate of exercise as they play their video game, the game’s controller will remain active. If the child stops, the game pauses and the controller stops working. Two players can use different steppers and controllers to play two-player games. There is also another product named CyberBike which is designed for children as young as four and achieves a similar result.  Read More

Exertris Interactive exercise-bike

The Exertris interactive exercise bike incorporates a gaming console, flat-screen display and an on-board PC linked to pedal-resistance that enables the experience of playing a game and having a workout to be rolled into one.  Read More

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