i-Blades smart cases will deliver on-the-go entertainment

i-Blades and IdeaNova Technologies have announced a video distribution and playback system designed to give media companies and movie studios an "on-the-go" entertainment delivery mechanism for mobile device users. The mobile content platform will allow anyone using the i-Blades smartcase's "content blades" to store up to 100 HD-quality, DRM-protected, feature-length movies, then view them on a smartphone using the IdeaNova INPLAY technology.Read More


Buddy robot wants to be a companion for your family

We may still be some way from having lifelike humanoid robot helpers, but there's no doubt robots are getting more helpful, friendly and domesticated. Blue Frog Robotics' new Buddy robot is designed to be an affordable family companion. It can help with communications, home security, edutainment and even elder care.Read More


Roll Play is a multi-camera quiz show – shot from a bike

It's now pretty common for people to use an actioncam to record their bicycle trips. Some people even wear one, with another mounted somewhere on their bike. What isn't so common, however, is to see someone cycling with up to nine cameras going at once. That's just what Emmy-award winning producer Rich Collier does on a regular basis, however, in the production of his Roll Play TV quiz show.Read More

Home Entertainment

IMAX and TCL team up for first home IMAX Private Theater "Palais" system

Back in 2013, plans were announced to bring the IMAX experience into homes with IMAX Private Theater. Now the first in-home IMAX system developed through a joint venture with TCL has been unveiled in China. But don't go changing the plans for your rumpus room just yet, as you need to qualify just to get a look at the showroom where the luxury system is being demonstrated.Read More


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