Don't daze me, bro! Police experiment with non-lethal Dazer Laser

Criminals across America could be just about to see the light… the Dazer Laser, a non-lethal weapon that shines disorienting, nauseating bursts of intense green laser light into a target's eyes, has gone into police trials across the Northern states. It's been shown to have no lasting effects (unlike previous infra-red versions that could cause permanent blindness), it's as easy to use as shining a flashlight in somebody's eyes, and it offers police the ability to temporarily blind a threat as they move to subdue it. At the very least, if the Dazer Laser joins the Taser in operation, it'll make the average cop's equipment list sound a bit more like a Dr. Seuss poem.Read More


The Carbon E7 purpose-built police car dashboard takes shape

Carbon Motors is building the world's first purpose-built law enforcement patrol vehicle, the Carbon E7, so the announcement earlier this week that it would use L-3 Displays interface equipment in the E7’s On Board Rapid Command Architecture (ORCA) will probably impact most patrol officers at some point in the future. ORCA will replace the laptops that most officers are currently utilizing in their patrol vehicles to send and receive data while on patrol. That's the new Carbon E7 Cockpit pictured.Read More

New system for Overweight and Overheight Vehicle Photo Enforcement

November 19, 2008 If you are already beginning to yearn for the days when road law enforcement and vigilance on the roads was merely token, the long term prognosis is not good. Attendees at this week’s World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems in New York City had a sneak peak of a new photo enforcement technology that is designed to help cities solve the problems associated with overweight and overheight trucks. American Traffic Solutions’ (ATS) Axsis WIM-300 (Weight-in-Motion) system uses a combination of quartz weight sensitive sensors embedded in the road and a roadside system that automatically monitors and isolates heavy vehicles. The sensors read the weight of a vehicle and can detect an overweight vehicle while the Overheight photo enforcement system uses a laser to measure the vehicle’s height and detect violations.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

HawkEye drug-recognition tool aids law enforcement

January 5, 2008 The AcuNetx HawkEye law enforcement system, which magnifies and records tell-tale signs of drug intoxication in a suspect’s pupils, has been awarded two separate patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The tool is now being used by highway patrol officers and at sobriety checkpoints across the U.S.A.Read More

Mobile Technology

Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) for Law Enforcement

March 22, 2007 As new technologies become available to law enforcement agencies around the world, the climate for offenders look set to become particularly uncomfortable, and Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) will become one of the first technologies they are likely to encounter as it increases law enforcement efficiency manyfold. Pips Technology has a new police-car-mounted camera that can automatically recognise over 3000 number plates an hour, while police simply cruise through the district. The plates are automatically compared to all wanted vehicle databases, sounding an alarm within a few seconds so police can apprehend the vehicle. At the same time, every plate recognition is logged in a central computer so that if a vehicle is involved in an offence, all prior sightings of the vehicle with time and GPS coordinates can be retrieved. The technology also recognises number plates in all weather and in complete darkness. See the video here and be frightened. Read More


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