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Electrolux Sunny solar water front loader

Hot water use in washing machines in a big component of household energy use. One solution is to simply wash in cold water, but a new new front loader from Electrolux caters for another option by facilitating the use of water heated by solar energy so you can wash in hot water without turning on the heating element.  Read More

Electrolux Inspiro intelligent oven - “auto-focus for chefs”

March 19, 2008 Electrolux is launching an important new oven called Inspiro - the first oven that automatically determines the right way to cook a dish to consistently achieve the desired result. A heat management program automatically selects the right heating mode based on the contents of the oven - the company is selling the technology by likening the way the Inspiro manages heat to the auto focus of the camera.  Read More

Water Aid Top Load Washer

March 17, 2008 Top loaders have generally been considered the water wasters of the washing machine world, but the new Water Aid Top Load Washer from Electrolux addresses this issue by delivering water savings of up to up to 7,800 liters (over 2000 gallons) per year using sensors that determine the load size and only supplying the exact amount of water needed to wash and rinse.  Read More

Electrolux Design Lab 2008 underway

February 12, 2008, Electrolux have announced the opening of their annual design competition for 2008. Aimed at industrial design students from all over the world, this year's theme is “Designs for the Internet Generation” and the brief is to design an innovative, cutting-edge product that addresses food storage, cooking, and/or washing with a view 2 to 3 years into the future.  Read More

Electrolux Design Lab 07 winner - E-Wash

December 3, 2007 Electrolux Design Lab 07 was the fifth edition of Electrolux’s annual initiative aimed at encouraging the design of eco-friendly and sustainable household appliances. Winners of the year’s competition have been announced with finalists from Hungary, France and China in first, second and third place respectively.  Read More

Electrolux Color Passion range

November 16, 2007 The term “whitegoods” may be headed for the scrap heap. Over the past few years, silver, grey and black have crept into the color scheme for bulky household appliances and now Electrolux has expanded on the trend by announcing its Color Passion range of kitchen and laundry appliances in a number of vibrant hues.  Read More

The Electrolux condenser tumble dryer uses steam to make ironing easier and saves on dry c...

May 17, 2007 One of the most universally despised chores, ironing is a killer-app opportunity. With this in mind, household appliance innovator Electrolux has introduced a new type of condenser tumble dryer that cleverly uses steam to make the job of ironing easier. Iron Aid is a unique technological innovation, with special steam cycles that will reduce, or even eliminate, the need to iron, saving the hassle and time associated with this chore. The design uses steam to reduce and remove wrinkles and creases, to deliver ready-to-wear clothes. Up to five wrinkle free shirts can be produced in just 20 minutes and the Iron Aid can refresh and de-odorise even “dry clean only” garments and will refresh a silk or wool suit in 20 minutes. The product was released in Europe earlier this year, achieving its projected annual sales figures for 2007 by the end of March. Like we said, ironing is a killer-app opportunity, and this product appears to be a contender.  Read More

Electrolux releases Intuitive Oven Interface (IOI) for microwave ovens

March 23, 2007 As Apple has so convincingly demonstrated, a simple generic device can be transformed into a killer product with a ripper interface. We’re all aware of the limitations of traditionally appalling video recorder and microwave oven interfaces so we’re very pleased to report that Electrolux is releasing a new range of microwave ovens with a new and vastly improved (at least that’s the claim) interface. Called the Intuitive Oven Interface (IOI), Electrolux claims it’s so simple, you won’t ever need to read the manual. The new ovens are part of Electrolux’s E:Line collection of kitchen appliances.  Read More

Dance your way to cleanliness – Electrolux Dustmate shoes

December 18, 2006 They may only be a design exercise at this point, but the Electrolux Dustmate shoes strike a chord, if only in expectation of the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers commercials which would surely result if the product ever came to market. The Dustmates are shoes with built-in vacuum cleaners. There’s also the slight problem of fitting an effective mechanism for vacuuming into the shoes, not to mention the repository for the dirt. Nice idea though!  Read More

Ingenious appliance concepts among Electrolux Design Lab finalists

January 2, 2006 Another design competition set to become a global fixture, a source of household appliance ideas and a massive generator of awareness for the brand is the Electrolux Design Lab. The theme for the fourth Electrolux Design Lab competition, for which the winners were announced last month, was “household appliance solutions for food preservation and storage that promote healthier eating habits for 2016.” The winning entry (adjudged by the jury as the most innovative product) was from Turkish student Metin Kaplan, was named Nevale and is a mobile food carrier, though there were some other stand-out ideas including Brian Law’s Organic Cook concept (that uses vacuum cooking in a new inventive way), Eduardo Altamirano’s Vessto portable cook-top which took second and third place. Two of the non-placed finalists that we think are really neat are Teeravit Hanharutaivan’s Vege (an appliance that allows consumers to grow vegetables in their kitchen) and Kleber Puchaski’s HydroSphere (a gorgeous transparent sphere for growing herbs, vegies and fruit indoors). Excellent image library.  Read More

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