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The TK-FBP048ECBK iPad case features a full-sized physical keyboard

The iPad's touch screen can be both a blessing and a curse. While touch input can be great for some applications, the onscreen keyboard can be found lacking when text input is required. Of course, the solution to that came quickly in the form of cases with Bluetooth keyboards built-in. However, most of these still have two issues; they generally aren't full size, yet they still tend to add a lot of bulk. This new case out of Japan solves those problems by offering a small form factor and a full-sized keyboard.  Read More

Elecom's new headphones built to hold iPod Shuffle

Here's a clever set of headphones from Japanese manufacturer Elecom that are specifically built to hold the latest iPod Shuffle. The company has created a very simple neckstrap/headphone unit that slips over your ears, and then your iPod shuffle docks right into the ear-piece. The obvious benefit here being that there is no longer any long headphone cord to get in your way.  Read More

Elecom builds a better keyboard

October 5, 2006 Whether you’re a gun touch typist or a turbo hunt-and-pecker like most of us, you'll more often than not hit the keys on your keyboard slightly off centre and sometimes you’ll hit it on the side or corner of the key and make a typo by hitting the key next to it or failing to record a stroke at all. Now Japanese manufacturer Elecom has introduced a new gear drive mechanism which uses four gears under each key to ensure each key press is recorded cleanly regardless of where you actually press. The company claims a significant reduction in typos so if they’re anywhere near the mark, we’d suggest that we’ll be somewhere in the queue too. Available later this month for approx 5000 yen depending on the model you seek.  Read More

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