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ELAC 3D-13 single stereo speaker

By - August 31, 2008 2 Pictures
The ELAC 3D-13 is a fully active loudspeaker that is a modern solution for stereo listening from a single compact enclosure, replacing the more conventional pair of hi-fi stereo loudspeakers and amplifier. Designed for people than have no room for a conventional stereo setup, or those that never sit at the apex of the stereo triangle (the sweet spot), it uses a 3D speaker to transmit sound in all directions to flood the room with music. Read More
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ELAC shows of world’s smallest subwoofer – ‘probably’

By - August 28, 2008 5 Pictures
August 28, 2008 German speaker manufacturer ELAC was showing off what they dubbed ‘probably the world's smallest hi-fi subwoofer’ IFA 2008 this week. Their 2.1 desktop speaker system is made up of two satellite speakers and the 2010 BT MicroSUB, which contains four amplifiers, (two for the two bass drivers and two for the two connected satellites), in a unit that measures just 21.8 cm tall, 15.0 cm wide and 17.8 cm deep, and weighs just 4.8kg. Read More
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The first speakers with crystal membranes

By - August 29, 2007 15 Pictures
August 29, 2007 One of the first innovations to be shown at IFA 2007 in Berlin will be a new speaker technology that employs crystal membranes in its quest for perfect sound reproduction. The drive units in the new ELAC 240 series are characterised by stunningly three dimensional soundwave propagation and the new transducer system for bass and midrange uses a highly rigid aluminium membrane with an angled crystalline surface structure. Read More
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Another good hide-the-speakers technology

By - June 9, 2005 4 Pictures
June 10, 2005 In keeping with Gizmag’s quest to keep readers informed on how to make technology ubiquitous and invisible, meet the ELAC Imago picture panels with DML technology (Distributed Mode Loudspeaker Technology). They hang on the wall and look like normal pictures but they are hi-fi loudspeakers and the bonus is that you decide what they will look like – a Monet, a Duret, a Lombarte, or a Van Gogh. For stereo listening, all you have to do is connect two ELAC flat panel speakers and the matching subwoofer to your hi-fi. For home theatre systems, two, three or four of the five speakers can be easily integrated into every living-room environment. Read More

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