V-Moda taps sporty audiophiles for Zn in-ear headphones

For its first in-ear headphones in four years, V-Moda is offering a heady mix of toughness, good looks and the promise of great sound. Zn is, of course, the symbol for zinc, which V-Moda says has a "unique hardness and resonance nature to deliver a balanced sound." Each dynamic driver is wrapped in solid yet lightweight zinc alloy housing, and the limited edition Zn in-ears boast a signature that's been fine-tuned to appeal to the modern and mobile audiophile. The earphones also come with detachable ear hooks reported capable of keeping them in place no matter the physical demands of the sport-loving, high resolution music lover.Read More


Decibullz Wireless are the first custom-molded Bluetooth earphones

When it comes to personal audio, manufacturers create styles that are meant to accommodate the vast majority of people. Although many headphones and earphones offer enhanced comfort and/or interchangeable ear tips, very few are tailored to individuals. For those looking to get a perfect fit without a trip to an audiologist, Decibullz Wireless offers DIY custom-molded earpieces along with Bluetooth wireless technology.Read More

Music Review

Review: Phiaton PS 202 NC earphones with active noise cancellation

Wireless audio may be convenient, but can lack a certain ease and purity that comes from listening to music through a cable. Plus, you never have to worry about battery life or carrying additional accessories when a simple 3.5 mm plug does the job. Phiaton, which has made a name for itself by successfully combining features, style, and great audio quality at competitive price points, has recently made available the PS 202 NC wired earphones. We get some ears-in to see how the company’s latest delivers, especially with the added hush of active noise cancellation.Read More

Music Review

Review: Optoma NuForce BE6 Bluetooth earphones

Optoma has today released the BE6 earphones, its fourth since acquiring the NuForce brand late last year, and its first wireless models. The stylish bullets are reported smaller than Bluetooth market leaders and are being aimed squarely at mobile music lovers with an ear for quality. Gizmag was sent a pre-release pair for review.Read More


Master & Dynamic ME05 earphones look elegant in machined brass

While basic earbuds will get the job done, many eventually choose to upgrade their audio with something that both looks and sounds better. If you happen to have an appreciation for precision-machining and fine material, the latest from Master & Dynamic may catch your fancy. The ME05 earphones feature 8-mm Neodymium drivers encased in a solid brass body with a hand-finished shine.Read More


First look: RHA prepares to enter DAC/headphone amp market

For the last few years, RHA's earphones have gone from great-sounding blasters for the budget conscious to top notch high resolution audio throwers like the impressive T20s we reviewed back in July. Fast approaching its fifth anniversary, the company now feels that the time is right for a move beyond earphones and gave a glimpse into its near future vision with a still-in-development DAC/headphone amp on show at IFA 2015. Gizmag dropped by the RHA booth for a quick look.Read More

Home Entertainment Review

Review: Hi-Res-capable, DualCoil-packing T20 in-ear headphones

Back in May, British headphone maker Reid Heath Audio (RHA) announced a new pair of in-ear headphones that debuted something called DualCoil dynamic driver technology. The company had managed to install two independently-powered dynamic voice coils on a micro ring magnet, one to handle lower audio frequencies and the other to take care of the higher end. The T20s promised a true-to-life reproduction and support for high resolution audio. We got to plug in for some hi-res, and lo-res, listening.Read More

Wearables Review

Review: Phiaton BT 100 NC earphones pack plenty of features in a portable package

Over the past few years, California-based Phiaton has earned much recognition for a headphone lineup that embodies modern styling, quality audio, and tends to pack in more features than the competition. Combined with very affordable price-points, it’s easy to understand their popularity. We check in with Phiaton’s all-new BT 100 NC earphones to see if they up the ante for mobile-friendly convenience and all-around use.Read More

Zipbuds Slide earbuds use zipperless zipper to avoid tangles

The convenience of a wireless Bluetooth connection over the snarl of headphone cables is obvious, but some manufacturers are still sticking with the tried-and-true wired approach. One such company, Zipbuds, had created zipper-styled, tangle-resistant earphones and has launched the Zipbuds Slide, which feature a zipperless zipper.Read More


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