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Put your feet up (for three years): TiVo Mega records over 26,000 hours of TV

By - September 9, 2014 2 Pictures
TiVo obviously believes things have improved since 1992 when Bruce Springsteen sang about 57 Channels (And Nothin' On). The company has announced the TiVo Mega, a digital video recorder (DVR) that packs a whopping 24 TB capacity. This allows the device to store over 26,000 hours of TV, which translates to around three years of non-stop viewing – which would stretch the endurance of the most dedicated TV marathoner. Read More
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Boxee TV is first DVR to offer unlimited cloud recording

By - October 25, 2012 3 Pictures
Boxee’s latest set-top box retains its predecessor’s internet TV–streaming roots, but adds live TV and DVR capabilities to the mix. In fact, the Boxee TV’s primary focus is now live TV and its revamped user interface and simplified remote is designed to appeal to a wider audience than the Linux-based Boxee Box. Although the device is primarily a DVR for recording live TV, it comes without any onboard storage at all. Instead, the Boxee TV uploads recordings to the cloud, making the device “the first ever No Limits DVR.” Read More
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DISH Network announces ‘world first’ Slingbox DVR integration

By - January 7, 2010 1 Picture
Wireless media streaming seems to be one hot topic at CES this year, and Slingbox has had another feather added to its cap via DISH Networks. The broadcast-anywhere solution first surfaced in 2005 and has since been superceded with a PRO-HD model and mobile versions for the iPhone. It now seems to be working on integration with set-top boxes and other devices, and a recent partnership with DISH has resulted in its new TV Everywhere service. Read More
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Moxi HD DVR with three, count 'em, three tuners

By - November 25, 2009 5 Pictures
It seems that these days one tuner just isn't enough in a DVR. While not as huge as Sony’s Type X digital recorder with seven tuners and 1TB of recording space, the Moxi HD DVR has three turners (which is one better than most other PVRs, including the TiVo). This means you can record two shows and watch another, or, be prepared for that very rare night on TV when there are three shows worth recording simultaneously. Hey, you can even play back a fourth show and watch that while all that recording is going on in the background. And there’s no monthly or lifetime service fees with Moxi units. Read More
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DVR now indispensable technology

By - September 4, 2008 8 Pictures
September 3, 2008 Anyone who has ever owned a DVR will attest to the usefulness of the device, so we were interested to see the results of a new survey commissioned by global digital pay-TV technology solutions provider NDS. Though such surveys are often clearly contrived to generate obvious promotional fodder for the benefit of the commissioning company, the responses from the UK, US, Australia and Italy clearly demonstrate that the DVR has moved into the indispensable household technology category for those who have experienced it, and equally, that it improves family harmony. The vast majority of respondents would rather give up their landline phone, dishwasher, radio or MP3 player than their DVR due to how much it has improved their enjoyment of television. Read More
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AMD’s TV Wonder turns your laptop or PC into a feature-rich HDTV DVR home theater

By - July 9, 2007 1 Picture
July 10, 2007 AMD today introduced two new TV Wonder products that could really accelerate the blurring of the digital and analogue worlds – both are thumb-sized devices that plug into your desktop or notebook and offer high-definition television (HDTV) viewing and digital video recording (DVR) capabilities. The rangetopping ATI TV Wonder 650 Combo PCIe is a combo-tuner DVR with ClearQAM tuning, allowing PC users to receive unencrypted digital content available from their local cable television provider, and switch between analog and digital TV to watch and record a digital TV program while simultaneously watching/recording an analog TV channel. Read More
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