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DuPont breakthrough could mean bigger OLED TVs that don’t cost the earth

The prospect of more affordable large screen OLED TVs has taken another step towards becoming reality with the announcement by DuPont that it has developed a manufacturing process that can be used to print large, high-performance OLED TVs cost effectively. The announcement could see OLED TVs become more widespread and affordable than the pint-sized and prohibitively-priced offerings that we have been restricted to until now. Read More
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New DuPont technology reduces solar costs, increases performance

New encapsulant technology from DuPont promises long-term protection for solar cells, the most sensitive part of photovoltaic modules. The DuPont PV5200 Series and DuPont PV5300 Series encapsulant sheets will also reduce the cost per watt and increase reliability and durability of the modules, allowing manufacturers to deliver better performing, cost-effective solar power. Read More
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Dupont's ETFE - the miracle polymer that's shaping public architecture

May 2, 2007 Dupont's innovative ETFE polymer is 1% the weight of glass. It stretches to three times its normal length without losing its elasticity, has controllable shading and noise insulation properties, and never gets dirty due to the non-stick properties it shares with its cousin Teflon. Laid out in sheets or blown up in pillows, it's being used in a number of fascinating major architectural developments, including the stadium and aquatic centre being built for Beijing's 2008 Olympics. It's developing a reputation as a "miracle polymer" for public architecture. Read More